Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Candy Washer Dryer - GOW475 Alise Review

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

Back in 2005, when we just moved to a city nearby, we were quite tight with our finances, so everything we bought, we bought the cheapest possible. We didn't buy them to last, but to get us by. We bought our first washing machine in 2006 and it was very basic. My settings is always the same: 60 degrees colour wash. As I had nothing to compare it to, I thought it was alright, it was doing it's job.

About Three weeks ago, the lovely people at Appliances Online sent me a Candy Washer Dryer to review. I always have problem drying my clothes in Winter, so this would be a fantastic upgrade for us.

I couldn't conceal my excitement when the Candy Washer Dryer GOW475 arrived. I was beaming! It was pretty with all these functions on them, and it's called Alise! She has a name!

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

There is plenty of functions available to play with. You can choose the usual temperature and white or colour wash based on the fabric (cotton or mixed fabric), spin, rinse or drain only, delicates wash (no more chappy hands yay!) and also several options for drying. You can set the spin speed, delay start, and how dry you want your clothes to be or how long you want the drying cycle last. Then there are the additional options including stain blast, allergy free, cold wash and fast iron.

The washing detergent container has 3 compartments instead of 2, one for pre-wash, one for the main detergent and one for conditioner.

I've used Alise for several times now, and although she isn't perfect, I love her to bits! She's quiet, much quieter than my old machine that sounded like it was ready to set off. I can set the machine to start washing while I'm still sleeping. She obviously cleans much better than the old machine as I never had problem washing white and black together in the past, which was great but makes me wonder how clean our clothes were for the past few years! 

She is very easy to use, you hardly need to read the manual and you'll know exactly which buttons to press. She washes delicates, and is happy to spin only, which has proven to be a really useful function! I can set the spin speed as well depending on the amount of clothes I have and how wet they are. Although her overall energy rating is B, she can be easily adjusted to an energy saving A. I also love the rubber ring that stops the water leaking. It's very easy to clean, not like my old one where it's gone all yucky inside!

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

As I said, she isn't perfect, especially when she's working with mixed fabric. As the more delicate fabrics require gentler treatment, the spin speed for mixed fabric can only be set to a maximum of 800rpm, when the machine is capable to go up to 1400rpm. If you have a full load of clothes, half cotton half delicates, then your cotton garments will most likely be still soaking at the end of the cycle. The above pictures are a very good example. The washing was still really wet and the soap wasn't fulled drained either. Even the sock was soaking, and I easily squeezed a puddle out from it. But again, I understand why it's like this, and there is a solution for it - the spin only function. I can simply remove the delicate fabrics, and then do a spin for the cotton garments at 1000 speed, which will last for 15 minutes, and everything will be well spinned. They dry faster too even indoors!

I wouldn't say that this is energy saving, but at least it's working. Ideally you can use the cotton function which allows you to choose a higher spin speed.

Candy, washer dryer, Candy washing machine

The drying was great, although I would try to avoid the high heat dry plus super dry function. It went on and on for 2 hours. The towels came out warm, fluffy and nice smelling, just like those in the conditioner's adverts, but it takes too long and I assume really bad with the energy saving. The good thing is, you can choose your own time setting for drying, making sure that the clothes are just dry instead of working it for a full 2 hours.

For £349.00, I think that Candy Alise is doing it's job fairly well. She can wash a good 7kg load, or dry up to 5kg of washing. She made me love to do laundry more. I even bought a pack of colour absorbent sheets and a pack of tumble dry conditioner sheets to use, where I used to not bother with all the additional stuff. Soon I'll be buying those nice smelling conditioners too! Washing used to be a chore, now I just love it. How I wish I have plenty of space to hang up my laundry as well!

Disclosure: I was sent a washer dryer to review; all opinions are honest and my own