Thursday, 6 September 2012

Schleich Wildlife Toys

schleich, children toys, wildlife animals

Our children love to use their imagination while playing. Abby enjoys role playing with her figurines, while Clay has picked up the skill and started sipping from the tea party set and go 'Aaahhhhhh!!!!' He loves to terrorise Abby's figurines as well, and it usually goes like this:

Clay trashes the role play scene by pushing things around, picking up his targets and chucks them down the stairs.
Abby screams:' Nooo!! Claaayyy!!! Mummy! Clay messed up my game!!!' and pushes Clay aside.
Clay screams at Abby. One of them started to cry, and then both get told off by mummy.

At the moment we have a set of fairies and elves, Octonauts, Raa Raa and a little cottage (doll house). I thought it would be fun to introduce some wildlife animals into the party, to stimulate their imagination a bit more, so I gladly accepted an offer to review the famous plastic toys giant Schleich's wildlife range.

schleich, children toys, wildlife animals

schleich, children toys, wildlife animals

The animal figures were very realistic, and much attention have been put into the details. Schleich's aim is to introduce children to the real world, to show them exactly what animals are like, and they have certainly achieved that. They are made for children age 3 to 7 years old, so are small enough for them to handle. They also made sure that every single product leaving their factory in Germany is safe for children to play with.

The Wildlife range is massive and still expanding. There are currently 64 different type of wildlife animals, 14 of it being newly released (including the baby polar bear and snowy owl featured in above's pictures) as well as 12 play sets, including a truck with driver and animal nursery. I'd say that their figurines are worth collecting, especially for the curious ones who loves animals. If you log on Schleich's website and click on each animal, they will tell you a bit more about them too.

schleich, children toys, wildlife animals

I decided to place a few predators around Abby's little cottage, terrorising the cottage people while she was away at school, you know, for illustration purpose, to show you what  you  children can do with them (yes I have a wicked mind). When she came back she found it funny but also unimpressed at the same time. She whined (but couldn't conceal her laughter): 'Nooo mummy! I don't want these animals scarring them!!' Better them than Clay isn't it?

Anyway. Clay loves these animals (although they are toys for 3-7 years old). He picked them up and giggled. I took a picture of him, but er, he was also wearing Abby's headband and holding her fairy wand at the same time. It felt too confusing. Abby seem to be a bit more girly and well, very protective of her peaceful toys. But I'm sure Clay will love them and knows better how to play with them when he's older. Ah, imagine Clay allying himself with the jungle predators. Abby's fairies and peaceful toys will have no chance!

Disclosure: I was sent the above wildlife animals to review; all opinions are honest and my own