Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 2 Bento

Bento, lunchbox

The problem with living too close to school is that you'll have a higher chance to be late. I already started loading the stroller 20 minutes before school starts, as it only takes us 8 minutes to hit the school ground. But by the time we got out I had exactly 9 minutes left. I felt very rushed! So I'm going to get prepped 30 minutes before school starts tomorrow. It was a lovely morning though, and seeing hubby's car drive by on the way home really made my day <3

Yesterday's lunch came back with all the cheese (she must be fed up with them as she loved cheese very much at one point), one broccoli, orange and half of that dried fruit sweet thing. Her bun is gone which was a relief, but to my horror she didn't had a single drop of water! Right. Adjustments must be made.

I made her the above bento last night, please tell me it won't give her the 'Eurgh what are you eating?!' comments.. Hopefully the rice would be back to edible temperature for lunch. Don't worry though, it's sushi rice, ie coated lightly with sushi vinegar. Now lets see whether she'll eat the greens today. Good that we've got a small bottle at home, lets hope it will be half gone *sigh*