Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 3 Bento: Jacket Potato with Meatballs

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Yesterday's lunchbox came home with all the Choi Sum *roll eyes*, most of the Tuna & Sweetcorn and most of the cereal packet. This girl is a carbo craze (ate all her rice)! At least she had some water.

Today I made her a jacket potato with butter, meatballs, mangetouts and blueberries. I also gave her half a Rice Krispy bar (was tempted to give her 1/3 only, they are massive!) as a treat. She likes all the above, so lets hope that she'll eat most of them. The blueberries were a bit out of season, those might come home. We'll see!

I think she lost our panda cocktail stick, tsk. Must dig out the rest of them, and buy more when we are in Taiwan!