Friday, 14 September 2012

Hallmark Recordable Artwork

Hallmark, personalised gift, Hallmark Recordable Artwork

I have been quite miserable for the first half of yesterday as I felt a bit overwhelmed. We only just started a new routine last week since Abby started school, and I was so focused on getting her used to her routine, I have completely forgotten that I'm also on a new routine. By yesterday morning I was tired out. It felt worse as hubby went away for business trip since Monday, and it made me realise how much I missed him. Abby tends to keep her emotion to herself, but I'm very sure that she missed him terribly too.

I received a Hallmark Recordable Artwork to review about 4 days ago, and thought that it would be nice if Abby can paint something for her daddy and record him a message.

Hallmark, personalised gift, Hallmark Recordable Artwork

The artwork looked really stylish, and you can't quite tell that it's a plastic frame from afar. 6 pots of good quality vibrant colour paints are provided, together with a brush that I think is probably a bit too soft for children to use.

Hallmark, personalised gift, Hallmark Recordable Artwork

I found a day when Abby was less tired to paint her picture. She said that it's a fairy flower in a Princess's garden (I think she watched too much Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar ...). Maybe because there was too much water on her brush, the pink flower was quite faded, although it did created her 'princess' and 'fairy' effect! She used less water for the grass and the colours are bold and catchy. I'm actually impressed with her picture!

Hallmark, personalised gift, Hallmark Recordable Artwork

Then comes the recording bit, which is really easy. Unscrew the battery compartment cover, and unlock the recording mechanism by sliding the switch to 'unlock'. Press down the button all the way to the left and record a message for up to 40 seconds. Release the button and the recording is done. Once you are happy with the message, simply lock the recording mechanism again and screw the battery compartment cover back. The play button is located in the front of the frame.

The message Abby recorded was loud and clear, and really sweet too! The whole process was fun and Abby giggled all the way. Now she just wanted to press the button all the time to play her message.

The recordable artwork made the picture so much more meaningful and memorable, it would make a fabulous gift to anyone. And the ones personalising it have their fair share of fun as well instead of just writing a card. The Recordable Artwork is retailed at £12.99 and can be bought at Hallmark's stores.

Disclosure: I was sent an Artwork to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own.