Wednesday, 12 September 2012

iBallz - Tablet Protector

iBallz, iBallz mini, tablet protector

So! Recently we've joined the crowd and bought a 7" tablet. It's a bit useless at the moment as I prefer using my PC to blog and socialise, and for other things I have my smartphone too. But it's fantastic for reading and gaming! We will, of course, put it to a better use when we are out and about.

The first accessories we bought for the tablet was a screen protector, (I have mastered sticking that damn thing on!), a 32GB micro SD card (storage storage storage) and a case to keep the tablet safe. I was also introduced to an innovative tablet protector - iBallz.

iBallz, iBallz mini, tablet protector

The iBallz is a shock-absorbing harness and protector for tablets, ensuring that if a tablet drops, it doesn't make contact with the flat surface, hence protecting the tablet from breaking. I was sent the iBallz mini to try on my 7" tablet.

(Please note that the following review is based on a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0, the result could be very different with a different tablet)

iBallz, iBallz mini, tablet protector

Initially I thought that it's quite fun. It is simple yet unique for a tablet protector, and the balls added a fun factor to it. When I tried to put it on my tablet, however, I found it a bit fiddly to adjust the cord and the balls. You really need to slot them in properly, or the balls will keep sliding off. The cord has to be taunt, yet not too tight as the balls will be pulled away from the corners. It took me a while to adjust them, but I still feel that it's not securely in place even though there is no more room for adjustment.

As it's a universal product, the cord is longer to accommodate different tablets' size. Any extra cords can be tidied away with a Velcro strap. None of the balls has obstructed any buttons or ports on my tablet, but I have heard that it could on other tablets.

As the iBallz only covers the corners, somehow my tablet feels very naked. The more exposed my tablet is, the more I worry about it's safety. It's a very confusing feeling, as the other protection cases can hardly protect the tablet if it drops. They are just covers! Yet they give you the feeling that your tablet is safe. So you really need to listen to your logical self than your emotional self with products like iBallz. I'm still learning and adjusting!

Again, because of the 'naked means unprotected' feeling, I'd feel like getting the 'iBallz-ed tablet' another carrier while travelling with it, but at the moment iBallz only have a hard case for iPad that will fit the iBallz as well. For other tablets you might either need to remove the iBallz, or get a slightly bigger soft case to wrap them all up.

I'm gonna be honest with you, in no way would I try to drop my tablet to see whether it is shock-absorbent and how well iBallz protects my tablet. There are plenty of  nutters  testers who has done their tests on Youtube, and results varies.

I think, as iBallz was originally designed for iPad to use, and there are other gadgets to support an iBallz-ed iPad, the product is best for iPad. I would love to see them selling a iBallz hard case for other tablets though, which will definitely benefit other iBallz users. iBallz mini cost around £20, but the original size is slightly cheaper.

Disclosure: I was sent an iBallz mini to review; all opinions are honest and my own