Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Japanese Style Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta

bento, lunchbox idea, tuna and sweetcorn pasta

Basically it's just serving the Tuna and Sweetcorn pasta with a bit of Japanese soya sauce. I got the idea from eating salad sushi with soya sauce, and it's amazing! I didn't drizzle too much on it of course, after all, Abby is still a child. But she loves soya sauce as much as I do, so must be careful with this one!

To make it more 'Japanese Bento' style, I cut out shapes from cucumbers and boiled carrots, and halved the tomatoes into flowers. A little bit more effort really goes a long way! I forgot to buy quail eggs otherwise they'd look so damn cute in the box. School did mention that one child is extremely allergic to eggs, so maybe I'll put eggs off the table for as long as needed. Might check with teachers what they think.