Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Baby's First Day at Primary School

Time has flew by too fast. Today, my baby is officially going to school for the first time. That same baby who was so tiny in my arms, squealed 'No Daddy!' when she stood on wet sand, and tried lifting up a pumpkin that's bigger than her; the same babe who's trademark was little red boots, big smile and cheeky face, is going to school. I'm missing her already.

But then I'm also glad, as there is no more 'I'm BOREEED mummy!' or 'But this is so booooring!'. My poor sofa gets a break from being jumped on, Clay isn't whining, I get to concentrate on my blog, and she gets to have fun and not being bored at school. Hopefully with this new routine, I get to spend more time with her as well after school.

bento, school lunch, lunchbox

Today, well, last night I made Abby her first bento aka lunchbox for school. When it comes to keeping stuff fresh, there isn't really much you can put in there is it? Sandwich filling and yogurt doesn't seem to be safe to bring to school. Or maybe I'll include a small ice pack for that. Let's hope that ham will survive and won't poison my baby's tummy.

Tonight I might try Sushi, just hope that her friends won't go 'Euuwwww what's that?!' at her. She won't be outcasted because of weird lunch right?! Ok maybe I should go for pasta instead... why is Italian not weird and euw *sigh*