Monday, 10 September 2012

Nakd Bars

health bar, snack bar, Nakd bars

To be honest, I was never very keen in cereal or snack bars (apart from popcorn cereal bars, they are the best!). They tend to be overly sweet, or so hard they hurt my gum. There are a huge variety on the market, but they are mostly made from the same ingredients. Nakd bars, however, is one of those that are actually different. They are basically just mashed raw fruits and nuts cold-pressed together into a healthy bar and is gluten, wheat and dairy free. There are 9 flavours to choose from, including the new Caffe Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard.

health bar, snack bar, Nakd bars

health bar, snack bar, Nakd bars

The Caffee Mocha has 55% dates, 26% Cashew Nuts, 12% Raisins, 6% of cocoa and a hint of natural flavours. The Rhubarb & Custard contains 55% Dates, 25% Cashew Nuts, 19% of Rasins and a hint of natural flavours. So technically, the bars are made of the same ingredients apart from the cocoa and natural flavourings. 

I wasn't very keen in the bars at the beginning, as the smell were strong and I never really liked dried fruits. I left them aside for a few days without properly stored (just lightly covered, I know I should...) but it actually made them much easier to eat. Perhaps the strong aroma has evaporated, or the flavour has changed, they are actually delicious.

The Mocha had a strong coffee smell when freshly opened, and kind of taken over the taste and texture. If I'm honest it was slightly unbearable for me to eat. Now I enjoyed it after letting it er, 'breath' for a few days. Clay is currently finishing off the bar, that kind of said something isn't it?

I liked the Rhubarb & Custard more at the beginning, as the flavour is a bit more.. 'girly'? Not as overpowering. But after the Cafe Mocha had it's time to 'develop' its flavours, I prefer that more.

The textures are great too as they weren't baked, so they were gentle to my gum. I love Cashew Nuts and they are fantastic in the Nakd bars.

Overall I think these are really what you can call healthy, no added sweetness at all, and very safe for children to eat. You might feel sickly if eating it too frequent but it's nice as a variety to other snacks.

Disclosure: I was sent a couple of Nakd bars to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own