Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sandwich for Lunch!

lunchbox, bento idea, sandwich idea

Yesterday's lunch went down really well, nothing left!! I forgot to give her a spoon though so she had to eat with her hands, bad mummy!!

lunchbox, bento idea, sandwich idea

Abby has requested sandwiches for lunch today as she hadn't had them 'for ages'. So I made her a heart shaped ham sandwich (she is fed up with sliced cheese) and 'pig in a blanket' the easy way. It doesn't look like a lot, so hopefully she'll have enough as she'll be staying at school for another hour today. Maybe I should change her to 50/50 bread just to add a touch of colour to the plain white heart lol.

I also gave her a Yakult and breakfast biscuits, not very healthy isn't it... tomorrow might be Chinese dumplings...