Monday, 24 September 2012

Stuffed Pasta Shells Bento

lunchbox idea, bento, children lunchbox

I haven't posted about Abby's lunchbox much as we had a really busy week last week and she had school lunch for 2 days.  I had to repeat some ideas, or they looked a bit unappetizing, even though they were delicious! 

lunchbox idea, bento, children lunchbox

Made the above for today's lunch. I bought these big pasta shells during the weekend, hoping to fill them up with a salad, but they weren't as big as I thought. Good thing is, they will be easier for Abby to put in her mouth!

I've stuffed them with a mixture of supermarket prawn cocktail, smoked salmon trimmings (Sainsbury's value Salmon trimmings, recommended by the Which? guide as they are economic and the quality is as good as their premier range), dried parsley, sweetcorns and strips of seaweed (the ones you use to make Sushi). It was really delicious! And to make sure Abby will eat her lunch, I let her try one last night. I'm expecting an empty lunchbox home today!

Although not a hot lunch, hopefully it will give her the energy she needs today.

lunchbox idea, bento, children lunchbox

This was last Friday's lunch, but I didn't think it looked appealing enough. I have stuffed her lunchbox full of the pasta and half came home. Must remember not to fill up her box. Hubby is impressed with how I can cook without stinking up the house haha!