Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Hungry Frogs 'Magic Sound' Board Game

children board game, The Hungry Frogs Magic Sound Board Game, children game

Since Abby started school, she has quickly snapped up some BFFs. It was almost embarrassing to watch when 2 girls were fighting over to be her partner. It reminded me of the days when I was the odd one out! Anyway. It's getting close to the time when she will have a play date, as I've already heard her talking to her friends about it (I don't think I can handle a sleep over just yet!). And what are they going to do during the stay over?! Abby and Clay has tons of toys, but most of them are for individual play. Seeing that children at this age has a short attention span, more group games is needed in this house!

children board game, The Hungry Frogs Magic Sound Board Game, children game

To be honest, I've never heard of the 'Magic Sound' books, but I love the drawings on The Hungry Frogs 'Magic Sound' Board Game. Purple, blue and green ALWAYS go! A spinner, 4 frog playing pieces, 23 tokens (12 flies, 11 plain), a game board and a 'magic sound' are included.

children board game, The Hungry Frogs Magic Sound Board Game, children game

Each player starts with their frog playing piece standing in the 'Home' position, matching the colour of their play piece. Tokens are placed on the big lilly pads with the green side up. Each player then take turn spinning the spinner for the number of hops (1, 2 or 3) they can do on the board. When they land on a small lilly pad, they can turn over a token. If it's a fly they can keep it, or put it back on the same position upside down when it's blank. If they land on a log, they do nothing in their turn. When a player spins and get the magic sound, they have to hit the magic sound button that makes 3 loud croaking noises, and any player standing on the log will have to be sent back to 'Home'.

The aim of the game is to be the first person collecting 3 flies AND go around the board back to 'Home'.

I played this game with Abby and it was fun at the beginning, until we came across the 'magic sound' too many times. We went into a loop where we will go around the board game and ended up with the 'magic sound' sending us both home. The instruction wasn't very clear whether we have to go home by going around the board, and whether being sent home by the 'magic sound' counts or not. For children at Abby's age (the game is for 4+) allowing them to win the game by being sent home via the 'magic sound' might be a better idea, although you can consider going around the whole board if there is more than 2 players playing the game. 

Because of the above confusion, Abby got bored and refused to finish off the game. I definitely recommend more than 2 people playing this game, or allow them to win by being sent home through the 'Magic Sound'. Also note that, when fitting the needle on the spinner, push the base of the needle into the spinner board a bit harder (the board might tear a little) so the needle is lifted off the spinner board and can spin freely.

Overall I do think that  The Hungry Frogs 'Magic Sound' Board Game is fun and can be educational too.  It is retailed at £9.99, and can be bought from Tesco, John Lewis or Debenhams.

Disclosure: We were sent a board game to review; all opinions are honest and my own