Monday, 1 October 2012

Pumpazing Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

Pumpazing, Drumond Park, party game

What is your child's favourite party game? Musical statue? Musical Chairs? Pin the Donkey's Tail? Or Pass the Parcel? I think that any parties must have pass the parcel, the excitement of 'Will I get something? Will I not?' makes great videos and pictures! Drumond Park has created a game similar to pass the parcel but even more exciting and fun to play with - Pumpazing!

Pumpazing, Drumond Park, party game

The aim is to be the last person holding one or more Zingy cards. Each player takes turn to pump Zingy, the main unit, by pulling his arms out until it clicks, and pushing it back in. The player will keep doing so until one of the Zinger heads flies off. When a Zinger head flies off, Zingy will make either a Wheeeeeee, Boingggg or Uhhh-Ohhh sound. If the player gets a Wheeeeee or Boingggg sound, they are safe. If the player gets a Uhhh-Ohhh sound, he/ she must remove one of their Zingy card (place it in a stack in the middle perhaps). Whichever sound Zingy made, the player will then pass Zingy to the next player who will do the same thing. This will go on until only one player is left with any Zingy cards, and he/ she will be the winner.

The above video shows you the pumping action and the sound Zingy make, but not the actual game play. Make sure the child pulls Zingy's arms all the way out until it clicks or it won't count!

Poor Abby got tired out from all the pumping in the video! It's really not that hard to pump, but the pumping motion can surely give you some tired upper arms if you are not used to doing that! (No, of course I didn't get sore arms from playing with a child's toy!)

The game is really fun and fairly safe to play, you just have to make sure that they aren't pointing it at anyone's faces. The colourful zingers are attractive and Abby said: 'Lets say the colours before we play.' and taught me how to say it in a particular sequence. She did once say that she wanted to be a teacher.

I'm certain Pumpazing will make parties more fun with children doing all the pumping and with Zingers flying everywhere. You can also make it just like pass the parcel, for example, whoever gets a Boinggg gets a chocolate. It is suitable for 4 years+, requires 3 AAA batteries to operate, and is retailed at £19.99. You can buy it from all good toy stores, or you can enter my giveaway for a chance to win a Pumpazing for your little one!

How to enter:

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The deadline for this giveaway will be Monday 22nd October, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

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