Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Cheeky Shoes, pump shoes with strap, retro shoes

I'm a boots kind of woman. I'm so used to boots that wearing flat shoes are as uncomfortable to me as kitten heels can be to others. But ever since I started to learn driving, it's only sensible that I should be wearing flat shoes for it. I have a pair of pump shoes but they were a problem when I tried to break. So while trying not to kill my instructor and myself, I went looking for the right driving shoes.

Last week I was made aware of Cheekyshoes, which are flat shoes with a strap on the top. They looked like they will fit snuggly so I was hoping that they would be the driving shoes I was looking for. Cheekyshoes has kindly sent me a pair to try out.

Cheeky Shoes, pump shoes with strap, retro shoes

They come in 6 vibrant colours, and I went for the slightly safer Electric Blue, but their other colours are cute and fashionable too.

When my shoes have arrived, they fitted right through the mail box, which was a surprise as I didn't realise that they were made from a wetsuit kind of material. It is very handy especially if you don't want to wait at home for a parcel.

Look wise I was a bit skeptical at first as I could see my toes through the fabric, which wasn't what I'm used to. After a few more tries however, I got used to it and they weren't bothering me anymore. Hubby said that it's like ballet pumps and I thought, oh yea, they aren't that weird after all! In fact, I must say that they looked quite good in the following pics!

Cheeky Shoes, pump shoes with strap, retro shoes

It arrived on the day I had my lesson so I tested them out immediately. It was quite nicely fitted apart from the heel as it's a bit too low for me and had slipped off my feet a few times while I bent my toes (tip toeing). It was the same for the second lesson, and I was still struggling to change from accelerating to breaking. Then I thought, perhaps flat shoes weren't suitable for me at all for driving, because I'm too used to boots. Maybe I should be wearing boots instead, to give my feet the extra height for the paddles. I asked around and there are people who drives comfortably with UGG boots or even high heels, so maybe it really depends on what shoes you feel comfortable with.

Anyway, the shoes were comfy to wear and the walking wasn't too bad either in these shoes, and it felt just like walking in hard base flip flops. I think they are very cute and goes very well with jeans, but of course it still depends on what you wear at the top. Apart from the blue, there are the vibrant yellow, orange, red, purple and green to choose from.

Cheekyshoes are £19.99 for a pair, which isn't too expensive for good quality and fashionable shoes, but they are offering a 30% discount code - Oranges for you to use on their website, so if you want a pair, grab it now!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of shoes to review; all opinions are honest and my own