Friday, 19 October 2012

Fudgeridoo Cream & Butter Fudge

As a busy mum, 'Me' times are hard to come by. So when I manage to sneak perhaps 5 minutes to myself, I'd try to do something to make myself relaxed and happy. For example, opening a suggestive, sexy and feminine box to unleash a happiness that brings out the little girl inside me!

I'm talking about Fudgeridoo's Cream and Butter Fudge. Fudge are normally made into the natural brown tones, but Fudgeridoo has made these creamy little sweets fun and attractive with different colours and textures (from toppings). There are so many in their range it makes me feel like a little child shopping in a candy shop! I haven't physically been to their shop in Barmouth yet, but looking at their Facebook pictures of their shop and fudge, as well as all the other little cute things they sell, it really makes me want to give them a visit!

Not only do they look good, they tasted not bad either! I was sent their Chocolate Junkyard and Tutti Frutti to try. My favourite is their Chocolate Junkyard. The name has already won me over, and the more I 'digged' into the fudge, which is a bit chewier than the ones I'm used to (American fudge) the more I was impressed with their naming. How appropriate! You'll find sugar coated chewy chocolates, white chocolate discs, and big sugar coated chewy chocolate balls (my favourite)all over. The 'digging for treasure' feeling is extremely dangerous as without noticing, the whole 'brick' of fudge will disappear in no time! 

The Tutti Frutti is exactly what it said, very fruity! I love how colourful it is and the crunchy candies on the top are yummy!

Fudgeridoo fudge are sold in 100g bars, each cost £2.25. They are currently running an offer where you can buy 3 and get one for free. At the moment they are accepting orders through telephone 01341 280 133 while you can see what they have through their Facebook Page, but they will be launching their website soon, which already look very pretty! Can't wait for it to launch so that I can shop like a little girl!

Disclosure: I was sent a couple of fudge to try; all opinions are honest and my own