Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween with ASDA

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

This year it's been so hectic, I haven't managed to sort anything out for Halloween yet, but tonight Abby will be having a Spooky disco party so I'm guessing that we'll just have to use the old costumes, and perhaps add a bit of spooky touch with some face paint we got at home.

If you are like me, getting ready in the last minute, ASDA has some really cheap Halloween stuff that are actually really good yet won't break your wallet for this creepy day. They have kindly sent me a box of their goodies, and I must say that they are spooktacular!

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Light Up Pumpkin   £1

- This pumpkin, once switched on (takes 1 AA battery) will light up and flashes every few seconds. It's actually very cute!

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Tinsel Bat   £1

- Big and hairy bat to hang around the house! Another cute one that'll attract kids more than scaring them away

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Tinsel Eyelashes   £1

This is suppose to add spookiness to your makeup and costume, but I found them really fancy!

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Halloween Gingerbread House Kit   £5

There is gingerbread house kit for Christmas, and then there is this one for Halloween! Really cute sweets for decorating the house are included and it should provide a good amount of fun for children and adult alike to build this house. Although you might need to knead the icing a bit longer than recommended, and to create the effect shown on the box, you might even need to add water to thin it down a bit.

Abby and her friends were struggling a bit with the icing as they wouldn't stick and are quite hard to squeeze out. I did managed to finish the house off but I'd definitely recommend adding a touch of water to make it easier.

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween
Left image provided by ASDA

Bloodcurdling Eyeball Cake   £5

This cake looks yucky but is extremely yummy! The what looks like strawberry jelly wriggles about making it even more gross, but the raspberry jam Madeira cake is very nice. The cake is from ASDA's Chosen by You range so it really can't go wrong especially at this price too.

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Frightful Frankenstein Traybake   £5

Another Chosen by You range cake, this cake is gorgeously chocolately, although I can't make myself eat any of Frankenstein's bits! Look at those fingers!

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Pack   £2

This would be perfect as a party favour if you feel generous enough. The pack includes a pack of Popping candy bars, a Giant White Chocolate Mouse, 2 Lemonade flavoured lollies, a pack of Jelly Dots and a Marshmallow Twist. I don't think Abby needs to go out Trick or Treating now with this pack!

ASDA, ASDA Halloween, cheap Halloween

Wicked Wands and Popping Eyeballs & Brains   £2 each

Something for the Trick or Treaters, though we've already been helping ourselves with the eyeballs and brains! The wands are fruity flavoured candy, and hopefully will last a child for a while!

My absolute favourite out of everything is the chocolate eyeballs and brains. I don't normally indulge in kiddy chocolates, but these has hidden popping candies inside that bursts all over the place in your mouth! The milk chocolate and creme filling is delicious as well, and very hard to resist even for a gourmet chocolate lover! I wish I was filming Clay when he first tasted the popping candy, that look was priceless!

If you are as last minute as I am, pop into ASDA for some affordable Halloween products that won't hurt your wallet. The Popping eyeballs & brains is a must have!

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of Halloween products to review; all opinions are honest and my own