Thursday, 4 October 2012

MAM Starter Cup

MAM Baby, Baby starter cup, Sippy cup

Since Clay's birth, MAM UK have been supporting us throughout the months with their innovative and well designed baby products. Now that Clay is 16 months old, I never thought that we still have a chance to work with them again and try out their new products. MAM UK has just launched a new Starter Cup for young children who are moving on from bottles to cups, and I'm very glad that we were given the opportunity to try it out.

MAM Baby, Baby starter cup, Sippy cup

I have been giving Clay the MAM Hold Me Bottle. It was fine with the teat that is spill free, but it was time to change for the spout which isn't and I couldn't let him hold the bottle freely without spilling water everywhere. So I have been on the hunt for a sippy cup that he can hold on his own without soaking his top, until we tried out the new favourite Starter Cup.

MAM Baby, Baby starter cup, Sippy cup

As other MAM's bottles and cups, it can be taken apart to smaller bits for easy cleaning. The Spout has 3 small holes, which is normally free flowing. When you attach the transparent plastic bit underneath, it instantly transforms the spout to spill free. The spout is also extra soft for those milky teeth.

The handles are non-slip on the inside where babies needed it most, so that they can hold the cups themselves without much effort. The whole bottle is BPA free which is standard for all MAM's bottles and cups.

MAM Baby, Baby starter cup, Sippy cup

Clay took an instant liking to the cup. He grabbed the cup, took a sip and said 'Ahhhh!!' and took another sip, and kept on doing the sipping and 'Ahhh!'-ing. He loves his new found freedom of able to feed himself water without me hovering above him with my eagle eyes watching for possible spills. He refused to let go of the cup and have been playing with it like a toy.

I love it as well as I can just give the cup to him or place it somewhere he can reach without worrying about spills. When time comes that he needs the flow more, I can simply remove the spill free cap, really handy! I also noticed that he drank more water than before, probably because he couldn't reach it in the past!

The only thing I wondered whether it could be improved was the alignment of the spout and the handle. I admit I have a slight OCD problem so it takes me a tiny bit of effort to ignore the fact that the spout is not aligned with the parrot design. I can live with that. But I would think that it should at least be aligned with the handles for easy drinking. It takes quite some effort to adjust the handle, the cap and the spout so that the spout will lie in between the handles. Nonetheless, it's only a small issue and I only need to deal with it in every other morning. I am just about to place an order for a second cup (want to bet that he'd love the pink over the blue?!) to replace the Hold Me bottle as alignment aside, it is really a very good cup!

The Starter cup can hold 150ml of water and is retailed at £5.99. They come in 3 different colours (pink, blue and green) and you can now buy it from their online shop.

Disclosure: We were sent a starter cup to review; all opinions are honest and my own