Monday, 29 October 2012

Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss

Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss, Harrods, new lip gloss

I was so excited when I received these innovative lip glosses through the door yesterday! Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss are currently exclusive to Harrods so they were 'hard-to-get' for me, but they will be launching to the rest of their stockists and online in mid November so I won't have problem getting my hands on them anymore!

Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss, Harrods, new lip gloss

The 3 lip glosses took inspiration from cocktails Manhattan, Mudslide and Flirtini, all sounds really yummy, and they smell delicious too! Manhattan (coral) is a twist of 2 classy light pink shimmers and a vibrant coral, smelling like cherry. Although it seems lighter in the pictures, the coral comes through more on my lips. The colour is my favourite out of the three, although I love that sugary strawberry smell more from the Flirtini! It's a swirl of deep and light glittery pinks and peach, the colour is more sparkly and girly.

The Mudslide has the best contrast and you can really tell the pattern in the tube, it's beautiful to look at! I wonder how they did it?? It smells very chocolately, and the colour is more neutral on my dark lips with gold glitters. It's a combination of bitter brown, shimmering caramel and glittering vanilla shades. 

Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss, Harrods, new lip gloss

Each of the Cocktail Kiss has it's uniqueness and for £2.99 each you can afford to collect them all! To be honest with the look of it I really think that they are under charging. It could have easily worth at least £6 and I bet people will still buy them without a frown!

If you are near Harrods you can buy them now on the 4th floor, or wait until mid November and you can buy from any of their stockists or online.

Disclosure: I was sent a set of lip glosses to review; all opinions are honest and my own