Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

As some of you may already know, I was invited to watch the movie Rock of Ages with another 19+ bloggers together on Tuesday 8:30pm, while twittering about the show at the same time with the Twitter hashtag #RockofAges. I found the party quite successful and fun as we tweeted to each other our opinions about the show while having a good laugh at the same time. It's almost like watching the movie together, just not in the same room. 

However, the hashtag has invited quite a lot of negative comments from people who follow other programs' hashtags themselves. We don't quite understand why they complain about ours, perhaps because #RockofAges was trending number 1 on Twitter?

I do understand though, that Twitter hashtag parties can annoy others as they fill your live feed with things you aren't interested in within a short period of time, or even contain spoilers you rather not know like ours. Normally I just scroll through these parties if it doesn't interest me. Some will close their Twitter live feed and find something else to do, or some will use a third party application to unfollow the hashtag so any tweets that contains the hashtag won't appear on their feed. All are doable and can give you the peace you needed, there really is no need to get upset about it.

Rock of Ages

Back to the movie. At first we (me and hubby, I can't speak for other bloggers hehe) were expecting a really cheesy show. Everyone said it was going to be cheesy. But the only bit I found fitting to that word was the 80s pop haircut! That really "cheesed" me out! 

Maybe because we were born in that time, we loved all the songs. I have no doubt that the younger generation who likes clubbing in the 80s room will love this show too. The plot is predictable, but I think that wasn't that important in this show. It has big stars and hilarious lines especially in the scenes that has Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin together! The pole dancing scene was impressive as well, really have no idea how they did it!

The only bits I wasn't keen was Julianne Hough's singing as it was very High School Musical, and the entrance for Catherine Zeta Jones was a bit doubtful. It got better of course, but her performance was very much like when she was in Chicago. Not a big issue of course, still funny and I loved Chicago! The other thing that really puts me off, and I know many didn't believe me, was Tom Cruise "showing off" his nude torso! I really think he's too old for that. It's not like it's tanned and toned either..

Overall we loved the movie as its fun with great hits! We'll definitely watch it again soon! The movie is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Disclosure: We were sent a DVD to watch at the Twitter party and review; all opinions are honest and my own