Thursday, 11 October 2012

Social Pantry Handmade Chocolate Truffles

Social Pantry, Chocolate Truffles

Recently I found out that I am quite an influencer (Oooo) on PeerIndex! As a reward they've given us the opportunity to claim Perks, which is the term for some fancy stuff to try out. One of them is Social  Pantry's chance to win an office catering for up to 10 people in London. Now, I don't live nor work in London, so I wouldn't have claimed this Perk if it wasn't for the promise of a very tempting box of handmade chocolate truffles posting to my door. I thought for a very long time, thinking that this really isn't the Perk I should claim, but I really couldn't resist the chocolates offer!

When they arrived, the guilt went straight out the window. If I do win I'll just tell Social Pantry to draw another winner. Their handmade chocolate truffles were heavenly and evil enough to make me feel no remorse whatsoever! A thin chocolate shell followed by silky smooth, creamy and buttery melt in your mouth chocolate ganache, really made me closed my eyes and go Mmmmmm!!! I had to share a tiny bit as everyone in the house saw them, but I managed to keep most of them to myself. It's chocolate after all!

It's a real shame that Social Pantry, a company that offers catering services in London, don't sell these chocolates on their website, but! They have plans on doing so! I'll be waiting eagerly for their announcement!

Disclosure: I was sent a box of chocolate to try but NOT for review purpose; all opinions are honest and my own