Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Winx Dolls Everyday Collection

Nickelodeon, Winx Club dolls, Winx Club

If your child watches Nickelodeon, they should know the animated series Winx Club, a popular show aimed at girls age 3 to 7, and is about to release their fifth series. There is going to be a fab launch event on Saturday 27th October in London, which unfortunately we couldn't make, but I know Abby would have loved it. The PR was very kind and has sent her a couple of Winx Club dolls from the Everyday Collection for her to play with.

Nickelodeon, Winx Club dolls, Winx Club

The dolls, Aisha (left) and Flora (right) are beautiful and looks, in my opinion, prettier than they were in the show! I would probably disapprove my daughter to dress like that when she's at that age, but I love the fashion, especially the leg warmers. I'm also relieved that these dolls (and the girls in the show) doesn't emphasise on their female parts like other ones. Teenage girls are teenage girls, after all.

On the back of each doll is a flowery X for you to attach wings to turn them into fairies, just like the ones in the show. The wing pack is sold separately, which comes with additional accessories.

Nickelodeon, Winx Club dolls, Winx Club

Abby came home from school and spotted the dolls sitting on my desk, waiting for her to play with them. She was pleasantly surprised and wanted to play immediately, and sat them both (their knees can be bended) on her shoulder for a pic! Clay didn't feel left out at all as he took a pink brush and started brushing his hair (no, not worried yet. Nope!), followed by munching on the brush.

I didn't tell her about the launch event in case it upsets her, but was glad to see her happily playing with the dolls. I checked online but most of the Everyday Collection appeared on Ebay stores. They have other Winx Club collection though!

Disclosure: I was sent a couple of Winx Club dolls that we decided to review; all opinions are honest and my own