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Christmas Gifts Guide 2012 - For Adults and All

This gift guide shows a list of Christmas gifts that we have tried and tested. Each include an honest review to help you with your Christmas shopping decision making. If you have any questions about any of the gifts, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them as soon as I can. Happy browsing! x

This guide is split into the following categories*: 
(Please visit Christmas Gift Guide 2012 - For Babies and Children for babies and children gifts' review and ideas. Some of them might also be suitable for adults)

For Her
For Him
For All

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    All prices are listed as rrp or original selling price wherever possible, but a lot of the companies are currently running discounts and offers as well, so it's worth checking them out if you are interested but aren't sure about the price
*   The categories are for guideline only; some gifts under one category could be suitable for those in another
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For Her

Bombki Collectors' Edition Nativity Christmas Decoration Set - Away in a Manger   £69.00

- Individually hand decorated and mouth blown glass decorations designed by leading British designer bauble company in England, manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Poland. Comes in a beautiful blue wooden box

These collectors' edition Christmas baubles are absolutely stunning! Each bauble is made beautifully and painted with sparkling paint. Joseph and Mary even have headbands made with real crystals! It's a shame our Christmas decorations are packed away in the loft, otherwise I can show you how beautiful they would be, hung on the Christmas tree next to the fairly lights. I can picture it in my head!

I probably wouldn't spend £69 on this collection for myself, although I know I'd be sticking my face on the window if I see this in the shops. However, I do think that it's worth it to buy this special gift for someone special who loves collecting something as beautiful as this collection.

Candy Store Purse   £8.95    and    Cosmetic Bag   rrp £19.95 (Red5)

- Made with stainless steel frame, giant gumball clasp, and super light silicone that is durable, stretchable and can be wiped clean. Comes in a range of vibrant and fashionable colours

Candy Store bags are funky, cute, retro and fashionable. They look like they can match any kind of fashion trends, and you can clean them up easily. As their smooth silicone (think swimming cap but thicker) is stretchable, you can put a lot more in them than normal purses/ cosmetic bags. It does catch dust easily, but again, you can just wipe it clean. The clasp is easy to use, won't hurt your fingers and doesn't make that huge clicking noises that other metal clasp do.

Denby Monsoon Lucille Gold Cake Stand   rrp £35.00

- Two-tier cake stand crafted on fine cream china. Bottom dinner plate measures 28.5cm diameter, and salad plate on the top measures 21.5m diameter. Hand made in England and Denby Pottery has over 200 years of experience

When I chose Lucille to review, I had no idea that it's so beautiful. The paint has a reflective effect, like pearlescent, making this cake stand look really stunning and sophisticated. It will work as a beautiful (and posh) yet durable centre piece on a buffet table for special occasions like weddings or anniversary parties

Denby Monsoon Veronica Cake Stand   rrp £35.00

- Two-tier cake stand crafted on fine cream china. Bottom dinner plate measures 28.5cm diameter, and salad plate on the top measures 21.5m diameter. Hand made in England and Denby Pottery has over 200 years of experience

Blue is one of my favourite colour and I also love Japanese style blossom patterns. The Denby Monsoon Veronica range gives me that Japanese feel, and I love the combination on the white dinner plate. I do think that the blue base on the salad plate is a bit strong in contrast, but I suppose it's as strong as the red and black contrast you get from the Japanese ones.

Both Lucille above and Veronica will make great gifts for those who love their tea parties and showing off their baking.

Marshmallow Magic - Genevieve Taylor (Hardback)   £9.99

- Recipe book all about making homemade marshmallows with different versions and ideas

I have seen other bloggers making homemade marshmallows before, and always wanted to try it, but thought that boiling a syrup that could crystalise is a pain, so I'e never tried it myself. This book however, made me feel like giving it a try as the pictures are beautiful, and not many recipe books in the UK shows a picture for every recipe included, which made me like the book that much more.

Surprisingly, the syrup I made with the recipe didn't crystalise. Maybe as what the author said, as long as you made sure the sugar has completely dissolved before boiling it, then you should be fine. The marshmallow I made was at it's best when it was still fresh and not left to harden yet. It was soft, really foamy and sweet, reminded me of a puff of cloud. It was a shame that I had to leave it outside to dry and I wasn't very keen in the outer skin. Funnily enough, hubby's collegues loved them! I made a big batch of them (because I chose to pipe them out) and only kept a small container of it for the kids. The rest were gone within 2 mornings (we had to send in another batch as they were gone in minutes!)

This book is great for either yourself (the marshmallows will make lovely sweet gifts especially snowy Christmassy ones) or for someone who loves cooking and baking and all things sweet. A quick tip, if you like to pipe your marshmallows, just whisk it for longer until it holds it's shape when it drops back down into the bowl.

Natures Inspiration Daily Skincare Set   £28.00 

- Handmade natural (and organic where possible) skincare suitable for sensitive skin, vegetarians, and vegans (who are happy to use beeswax). No artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, parabens nor sodium lauryl/ laureth sulphate, and not tested on animals. The daily skincare gift set contains 60ml Rose Cleanser, 100ml Lavender & Geranium Toner and a 60ml moisturiser suitable for your skin type

When I tried on their rose smelling (natural and nice!) Rose cleanser I was a bit skeptical as it felt more like cream instead. So when I massage it into my skin it felt kind of greasy and won't just rinse off my face. The instruction did say to massage and then wipe off. After I did, my face felt magically clean! When you are used to the usual skincare products, you will only feel that it's clean when all the effects has happened, lather, foam and rinse. So this really surprised me.

The toner can be sprayed on the face and act as a spritz to use any time. After gently spreading it on my skin (or you can just leave it to absorb) it felt instantly soft. I can't quite put the smell as it's quite faint.

The texture for the lavender smelling moisturiser (I was sent the one for sensitive skin) is just like the cleanser, a bit like whipped egg white but creamier (not quite whipped cream though). After massaging it into my skin it was absorbed but felt slightly heavy.

Overall this is a lovely gift or starter set for those who prefer natural products or have extremely sensitive skin.

Proactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15 (50ml)  original price £15.95

- Oil free moisturiser with SPF 15 designed to help clear blemishes and help prevent future breakouts from forming

After using this cream for 2 days, my blemishes seem to have dried out earlier than usual. I really like the texture of the cream. It's very light weight and easily smoothed over my skin without feeling any greasiness. It was absorbed quickly and my skin felt smooth.

If you, or someone you know have been trying blemishes cream but doesn't quite work out, give Proactiv a try. It's slightly more expensive than those you can pick up from the pharmacy, though not as expensive as some others.

Sanctuary Spa Sumptuous Sanctuary Scents   £16.00

- Three reed diffuser suitable for any rooms. Includes 18 reeds

Great for those who enjoy spa treatments or are Sanctuary Spa fans. Each of the fragrance diffuser smelled gorgeous and reminds you of Sanctuary Spa's shower & bath and skincare products. Just the smell itself relaxes you. They are ideally for bathroom and bedrooms, as they might be a bit too small for bigger living rooms and the fragrance will be harder to notice.

Sheer Cover Powders:
Lip-to-Lid Highlighter in Bronze (1g)   £17.95
Mineral Foundation in Bisque (4g)   £21.95
Pressed Mineral Blush in Plum (4g)   £20.95 
Sophisticate Face Pallete   £25.95

Defining Mineral Eyeliner   £14.95
Lip Collection in Natural   £20.95
Kabuki Brush   £17.95

Please note that the above Sheer Cover links might not be working as they have temporarily changed their website for Christmas

- Mineral makeup collection.

I've tried Sheer Cover makeup before and they were very easy to apply. I especially loved their new Defining Mineral Eyeliner which is the easiest eyeliner I've ever used. Their Pressed Mineral Blush in Plum was also my preferred colour compared to the 3 coloured blush I've tested as it gives a more pinkish effect than plum purple that I like.

It's my first time trying out their other products, including their powdered highlighter and foundation. Both were really easy to apply, though you might want to go easy on dabbing the powder with a brush as a light dip and your brush will be covered with the powder. The bronze Lip-to-Lid Highlighter has a fine golden dust that gives you a golden glow. They have a Pink shade as well if you prefer that than bronzing like me. Foundation is harder to choose as you'll need to know the correct shade that matches you. You can go on their website and follow their instructions to choose the perfect shade, though I'm still not certain which is mine.

I also quite like their Sophisticate Face pallete, where you get a Mineral Blush in Ginger, 2 eyeshadow duos and 2 beautiful lip glosses. The face pallete can easily transform your makeup from day to night. It would be even better if they have a different selection of Face pallete to choose from, as not everyone suits or like the colours included in the pallete, even though they are the most popular ones.

Their Lip Collection has run out of stock at the time I'm writing this review up, which can only mean that they are selling well. It contains 6 natural colours, each with a lovely shimmer, for you to swap whenever you feel like it. I'm more a happy-to-stick-to-one kind of person, but it's suitable for those who has a lot of different outfits that requires different colour makeup to match.

Finally, their fairly soft Kabuki Brush, which my children love to fight over with is very thick and fine, although I can do with it to be a bit more softer. It does hold the mineral powder well so just a gentle dip and you'll have more than you want on the brush. A gentle tab on the pot or a quick blow should do the trick.

If I have to recommend one, it will be the Sheer Cover Defining Mineral Eyeliner. It really is the best I've ever used and the colour comes out so easily you can really draw with it. If you aren't certain what to buy but want a bit of everything, then a compact palette like the Sophisticated Face pallete would be great.

Wen by Chaz Dean Introductory Kit - Cucumber Aloe   £29.99
Re-Moist Intensive Hair Treatment (56g)
Cleansing Conditioner (350ml)
Styling Cream (60ml)
Free Gift worth £11.95
- Hair care range that does not contain detergents and Sodium Laurel Sulphates that lather and strip your hair, causing rapid colour fading, dry frizzy hair and dry scalps.

My hair felt really good using their cleansing conditioner (similar to shampoo and conditioner but without the harsh chemicals) although it was for some reason really cold on the scalp during the massaging process! Hair felt clean and soft after using it as well as their Re-Moist intensive hair treatment, which is originally designed for use before and after chemical treatment or when hair has been stressed.

The styling cream is an all in one product that is suppose to give you moisture, shine, manage split ends, provide texture improvement and frizz control. I think the cream is fairly gentle, probably won't be good for hair styles where you need a stronger hold. Otheriwse it's lovely to keep your hair flowing yet tamed.

Overall I like their products, especially the Sweet Almond Volumizing Treatment Spray below, and they have been gentle on my sensitive and dry scalp. Their introductory kit makes an affordable Christmas gift too!

Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Mist (60ml)  £12.95

- Help replenish and revive hair in-between cleansing and hydrate dry frizzy hair. Can be used as a leave in conditioner for more volume and body. Also in 180ml

The mist really gives my normally greasy flat hair the volume it needed, and they've become softer too even between wash. It is still frizzy but I think it's because I needed a hair cut. The mist initially smells like processed almond, ie a bit like marzipan. But after that I felt like I just came out from a salon because I started to smell this gorgeous salon freshness! I can't stop taking deep breaths, it's just so nice!

You can buy the full 180ml size for £20.95 (full price) or get the 60ml size for free when you buy their Sweet Almond introductory kit.

For Him

e-auto by e-cloth On Board Cleaning Kit   rrp £9.99

- Cleaning kit includes 1 car cleaning cloth (cleaning and dusting dashboards, trim and interior surfaces), 1 Glass & Chrome cloth (remove grease and finger marks from windscreens, windows, mirrors and chrome), 1 water spray and 1 mesh bag to keep everything together

A great kit to give to those who loves to keep their car interior clean. Not only can you keep it together in a bag instead of throwing it into a box or the boot, there is no chemicals required for cleaning, meaning that you don't have to keep extra bottles lying around in the car.

The orange cleaning cloth is soft and thick like a hand towel, and is great for wiping dusts off the interior without the dust flying around. You do have to clean it off the cloth afterwards of course, but that's about the only time you will be using detergent with this kit. The Glass & Chrome cloth works really well with wiping off finger prints, which is one of the hardest stain to clean from glass. Hubby is very pleased with the kit.

Edifier TickTock Clock   rrp £59.99

- iPhone docking station and alarm clock speaker system with FM radio and aux input for other audio devices

Although the TickTock Clock is made for iPhones and iPods, you can hide the dock and use the clock either on its own or with other audio devices as a speaker system. So it's also suitable for people who doesn't have an iPhone/ iPod but like the retro look of the clock.

With the dock, you can use your iPhone/ iPod to control your player and volume, and because of the 360 degrees omni-directional full range speakers, the sound can reach in all directions and I must say that it's pretty good for a small system like this.

Without the dock, you can use it as a normal alarm clock with FM radio, or plug in your audio device (even my Samsung Galaxy S2!) to use the speaker system. Hubby said that he couldn't quite understand why the iPhone is placed right in front of the clock. I can understand where he is coming from, though I suppose people might argue that there is a clock on the phone as well.

I love the look of the clock, and wish that it has a bell in the middle just like the real retro clocks. It's smart looking and will look great in any styled bedroom, let it be modern or classic.

Heat Holders 'The Ultimate Thermal Socks' for Men   rrp £7.99

- 2.3 Tog rating thermal socks, suitable for wellies too

These socks worked for every one of us who got them since I reviewed them in my last year's Christmas Gifts guide. They are really warm even for those who have cold feet problem. We'd recommend them to anyone! The gents have 8 colours in 2 sizes, and are great as stocking fillers

hotter GORE-TEX Thor Shoes in Mahogany   £95.00

- One of hotter's new Autumn/ Winter 2012 shoes. Gore-Tex waterproof, light and sporty leather shoes.

Hubby was sent a pair of Thor shoes to review and it has become his favourite pair of shoes ever since. It's soft, flexible, Gore-Tex (oh yes, it has to be Gore-Tex), good looking, supportive, good for driving, etc. He hasn't got a bad thing to say about these shoes and said that they are highly recommended. And he's not the only one either. I just checked on their website and the Thor shoes are completely out of stock. That includes the Mushroom coloured ones too.

I have been reviewing hotter shoes and they are oh so comfy, just like walking on thick luxurious carpet. These are slightly more expensive because it is Gore-Tex, but absolutely worth it especially for those who seek high quality AND comfortable shoes. Get them a pair of Thor and they will be your slave for a while, until you've used up £95 worth of requests of course. Keep an eye out for new stock or check with hotter's customer service, then grab a pair when you can. They disappear quickly!

LEGO Architecture: Big Ben   rrp £24.99

- Suitable for 12 years+, includes a quality booklet that partially describes the history of Big Ben. The building is approximately 96mm wide and 278mm tall

The LEGO Architecture series is also called LEGO for adults, making it a fantastic gift for those who *ehem* feels too old for the other LEGO series but enjoys  playing  building with LEGO. It's actually just like the other LEGO series and is fairly suitable for anyone above 3 years old who can follow the instructions in the booklet and press the pieces together to play with.

Some of the pieces, especially the flat piano black ones, looked really posh, but other than that, according to Abby, it's 'boring' to build as building patterns repeats for a few stories before changing to something more exciting, such as the clock faces on Big Ben. So it's really about what the person you buy it for likes (the end result like a famous landmark or fun stuff to build), instead of how old they are. We did however, put the finished Big Ben in our display case, where as with the others we just put them together in a big storage box that we use for LEGO pieces only. It feels, after all, posher than the other LEGO series!

Seagate 500GB Backup Plus Portable Drive   rrp £69.90

- World's first external hard drive that will back up your pictures on Facebook and Flickr to ensure you'll never lose them. Works with both PCs and Macs. Comes in 1TB as well. USB 3.0

Not only is this hard drive handsome, it is fast and has an additional software to backup photos. I have transferred 90GB worth of photos and videos in one go to this drive and it only took us about 40 minutes, but that's not even on USB 3.0 as our PC only have USB 2.0. It can only go faster than this. The only thing we could think of for improvement is to provide a longer USB cable perhaps?

I've recently discovered that Apple uses Seagate's hard drives in their machines as well.

For All

Carol Vordeman's Mathable Game Book   £4.75

- Suitable for 9 years+. 120 pages of puzzles and challenges involving basic mathematic skills +, -, x, / , split into 5 sections.

Sudoku is nothing compare to this. Although you are performing basic mathematic skills, you will also need logical thinking and strategy of some sort to finish these puzzles. The further you go, the more complicated the puzzles get. I can only put a ? for the 5th section as I have no idea what's going on even with instructions.

I do think that the instructions are a bit complicated, adding to the difficulty of the puzzles. Sometimes it seemed like the rules listed is broken in the example. But once you get passed that, then it's all about your skills. It's a great book to train up your basic maths and brain, and a fun sort of stocking filler for those who enjoys this kind of puzzles

The Cat who Stayed for Christmas (Paperback) - Cleveland Amory   rrp £6.99

- Sequel to the classic international bestseller, The Cat who came for Christmas, it continues the true story of the author and his cat Polar Bear as they go on their adventure while they engage in the battle of will

Cleveland is a very knowledgeable and opinionated person. He has a good sense of humor, though he does sometimes take a long time to bring out what he wanted to say (which he knows as he has quoted a review in this book that said so), which can sometimes be a bit distracting. So if you are looking for something to read that doesn't absorb you too much, something you can put down and pick up again later, is light-hearted with lots of chuckles, then you should give this book a try, or give this to someone who would enjoy all the above.

Like Cleveland, I'm more a dog person as cats seem more arrogant. They tend to stare at you while walking all over your garden like they own the place. Polar Bear is like one of those cats, though he'd prefer to stay inside the house. Seeing him from 'his pet' Cleveland's point of view, he has a likability and some kind of cuteness. I would not want to handle him though!

Claire Jones - The Girl with the Golden Harp   £10.00

- Official Royal Harpist to the Prince of Wales for 4 years and played at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last year. The new album include pieces chosen by the royal couple for their wedding, as well as well known classical pieces

Harp has always been my favourite music instrument. The sound that comes from it is so angelic and soothing! Claire Jones new album is absolutely beautiful and perfect to listen to on a quiet Christmas night. I love Track 4 - Song to the Moon, Track 5 - Glasgow love theme from Love Actually, Track 6 - Mio Babbino Caro (UBS TV advert) and Track 7 - Flower Duet (British Airway advert), but they really are all very nice.

Jelly Belly 40 Flavour Christmas Sleeved Gift Box 500g   £15.26

- 40 flavour jelly beans in one box with a Christmas Sleeve outside

All time favourite! No one could resist Jelly Belly jelly beans so far (ah, but wait for my next review below) and their Christmas sleeve gift boxes are so festive looking anyone would want to receive them! Just make sure you don't end up buying and keeping it to yourself. Also, if you buy it for sharing, think again. According to my Blog's 1st Anniversary giveaway, Jelly Belly jelly beans was one of the most unsharable prize!

Refill not shown here

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled SPINNER Special 99g plus 45g Box Refill   £9.50

- Box includes spinning wheel, mixed Jelly Belly jelly beans and a pack of refill. Each person takes turn to spin the wheel and pick a jelly bean that the needle is pointing at. It could be the normal Jelly Belly bean, or it could be one of their weird and wild flavours

Jelly Belly jelly beans have always been an all time favourite. I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't like them yet. Perhaps the odd flavour, but there bound to be something suitable for anyone. However! This BeanBoozled game not only made me chuckle, it also puts me off from playing with it again! And that's purely because I was BeanBoozled by taking a dog biscuit flavoured bean, and that taste stayed on and on in my mouth, making me gag for a very long time! The best one is Toothpaste or Baby Wipe, but I really don't want to know how Centipede, Vomit, Booger or Moldy Cheese tastes like!

I will still recommend this as a Christmas party game for a good laugh, especially for those daring ones.

South Devon Chilli Farm 'One-pot' Chilli Growing Kit  £6.00

- Chilly growing kit includes 1 1Ltr plastic pot and saucer, 2 60mm peat free compost pellets, 5 Apache F1 Chilli seeds, 100ml Chilli focus feed, 1 clear plastic propagator lid and full instructions. Produce 1inch long green chillis that'll ripen to a bright red

This one-pot chilli growing kit will make a lovely gift for anyone who has green fingers, especially those that are into chillis. It has everything you need, including feed! If you are doing well, you'll get 5 chilli house plants as well instead of just the one.

The only thing I think was a bit deceiving is the picture they used on the box. It's a very lovely picture of a plant full of different coloured chillis - yellow, orange, purple and red. However, the Apache F1 will produce big green chillis that ripens to a bright red only. Other than that it'll make a nice gift, though planting time is in Spring.

Steenbergs Organic Fairtrade Christmas Tea in 125g Caddy   £5.50
Organic Fairtrade Hot Chocolate in 125g Caddy   £4.85

- Christmas tea is a fusion of mulled wine and tea hand-blended in small batches, where Christmas chocolate is designed to combine the flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice and cloves with hot chocolate

Both in fancy caddies, the two together will make a lovely gift. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed their tea. Their Christmas blend is nicer than some others I've tried before, and it really makes you warm and cosy on a cold Winter night (like now!).

I'm not very certain about the hot chocolate as the flavour of the spices is a bit complicated for me. But then I'm used to drinking hot chocolate made from pure cocoa so maybe I'm just a bit more picky with my hot chocolate.

If you'd like to support Fairtrade and want to get some Christmassy drinks, you should consider Steenbergs Christmas drinks.

teapigs Mix 'n' Match Selection Box   £12.50

- Includes 12 packs of tea of your choice, each containing 2 biodegradable mesh tea temples

I absolutely love this Mix 'n' Match selection box from teapigs. Not only does it look good, and the small packets are very cute, you get a variety of 12 of their teas, which is fantastic if you want to find new love or use it as a starter kit.

I've discovered a new favourite since last year's Christmas when I fell in love with their Chocolate Flake Tea - Popcorn Tea! It's delicious with a strong smell of rice cracker and you can almost taste it too. I felt like wanting to chew on a rice cracker as well. Their Creme Caramel is also very interesting. Their Liquorice and Mint smells gorgeous but a touch too sweet for me. With their Mix 'n' Match I really got to try their teas and know what I should go for next.

I went to another shop to shop for teas, but they are either loose tea leaves which most of my friends and family don't use, or it comes in normal teabags, meaning that the flavours wouldn't be as good as proper tea leaves. With teapigs, you can guarantee that you can brew good quality tea from their tea temples. The Mix 'n' Match selection box will make a lovely gift especially if you don't really know what tea they'll like.

Discount Code: Use code BLOGGERS12 for a 15% off discount on anything apart from gifts and cheeky deals products

Disclosure: I've received the above products to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own

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