Wednesday, 21 November 2012

All About Beauty Box

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box

I have been eyeing on beauty boxes for a while now as you get to try different things each month without paying a premium price. I have always talked myself out of subscribing for one though, as I can't get my head around the idea of paying for product samples, which normally comes free if you go to the counter and ask for it, or for the slightly bigger samples, free if you buy something from the brand.

I was invited to try out a beauty box from All About Beauty, which claimed that unlike other beauty boxes, they supply full sized products only that are sourced from all around the World, plus a gift from them. Their box cost £17.95 (including postage and packaging) a month, and £14.96 (including p&p) a month if you subscribe for 6 months, so it sounded like a much better offer than those that gives you sample sized products.

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box

I was sent their October box to review (their beauty boxes are posted out on every 25th of the month.). The October box contained products from Italy, including a Cleansing Milk, Tonic Lotion and Shock Revitalising Anti-pollution Face Drops from KIPOS, Dr Lauranne Moonlife 16h Lifting Effect Day Cream, and an oil burner gift from All About Beauty.

All About Beauty stated that all their beauty boxes are identical, although Emma from The Style Box was sent a Dr Lauranne eye gel and night cream instead of the KIPOS shock revitalizing drops and Dr Lauranne day cream that I was sent. The owner Fiona told me that they will always keep the products in each box as identical as possible. In cases where this can't be achieved, a similar (in type and value) product will be offered.

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box
Left: Cleansing Milk Before and after
Right: Tonic Lotion Before and after

According to All About Beauty's letter that came with the parcel, KIPOS is a
well respected brand from Turin, Italy, and fore runner in the advanced technology of vegetal stem cell system for use in skin care

I'm not quite sure what it meant, but I do like the 3 KIPOS products that came with the beauty box. They all smell gentle and lovely (a bit like baby products but not as strong), and seem to be working very well, according to the embarrassing evidence above! I can even smell it working as an acidic smell started to come through during the cleansing process. I'm guessing it's the acidic sweat and dirt from my skin being transferred onto the cotton wool. When that's done my skin was left feeling clean and smooth.

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box

The shock revitalising face drops smelled a bit like Aloe Vera. The drop first appeared like gel, which bursts into water-like liquid when smeared on the skin. After gently massaging it into my skin, it felt moisturised and refreshed. You should use a cream after this, but I haven't yet and my skin still feel soft and not dry at all, which normally would already even after applying a serum.

What I love is that you can do the cleansing regime without water (clean with cleansing milk, wipe off with tonic lotion), meaning that you can have a clean face anywhere in the house. I haven't used cleansing milk for ages and have completely forgotten this advantage! I was told that cleansing milk is a bit greaser than using cleansers that needed to be rinsed off. But with this weather, we might just need that bit of grease to keep our skin from drying!

skincare beauty box, All About Beauty box

To be very honest, I'm not keen in Dr. Lauranne's cream that came with the October beauty box. I think the texture, the tight feeling on my skin (anti-aging face lifting cream) were great, but I really dislike the smell. I think smell affects me the most when it comes to face care products, you can give me a potion for forever youth and I'll refuse to use it if I don't like the smell.

Overall, I think the All About Beauty Box is a fantastic beauty box if you are happy to try out new products around the World. Instead of some sample sized products, you get full sized ones that will last longer. Of course it's a hit and miss thing, you might love the box, or only like a few, or even hate the whole box, but that's part of the beauty box experience that you are subscribing to isn't it?

Not only do you get full sized products to try, All About Beauty box also focused more on skincare than cosmetics. If you find something you like and want to stick to it, a club member can also purchase the products from (should be launching by the end of this month) with a 25% off discount.

I wish they'll tell me when they are doing a Japan box, I really want to try that! Or Switzerland, or France!

Disclosure: I was sent a beauty box to try; all opinions are honest and my own