Monday, 5 November 2012

Cake through your Letterbox

birthday cake, petite cake, letterbox cake

Have you ever feel the need for something comforting to eat, such as a really good piece of cake, yet you can't be bothered to, or felt too ill to go out and pick it up, or bake one yourself? Apparently there is an online company that has been dropping cakes straight through people's mailboxes without the need for them to go out for it! Exactly what we need!

Baker Days is a company that creates beautiful, good quality yet affordable cakes, which can be ordered online through their website with free standard delivery within the UK. They do standard sized cakes, but also a petite one that fits right through your letterbox so you don't even need to worry about missing a delivery! They have kindly offered me an early Christmas cake to try out.

birthday cake, petite cake, letterbox cake

Not sure whether our postman was being too careful or our mailbox was too tight, but he decided to ring our doorbell instead to give me the letterbox cake. The cake came in a beautiful Just for You tin, which sat snuggly in the cardboard box. The Christmas cracker came as a lovely surprise!

The cake is nicely wrapped up inside a breathable bag in the tin, with a tag that tells you how to remove the cake from it. It was very considerate for them to include the tag, and it was much appreciated as I would have had to tip it out otherwise!

birthday cake, petite cake, letterbox cake

birthday cake, petite cake, letterbox cake

I chose the Christmas penguin design with their double chocolate chip cake, and it was absolutely delicious! I normally peel off the icing no matter how pretty they are because they are just too sweet. But because the icing layer is so thin, it was actually ok to eat it with the cake! The chocolate cake was really moist and fresh, with the occasional bite of chocolate chips. It was really enjoyable! Even Abby who doesn't normally like cakes (she just eat the icings) ate the whole piece (1/8th) and has requested for seconds!

The letterbox cake is fantastic to have it all to yourself (especially on one of those days) or if you feel generous, good to share with another person (a quarter with a cup of tea is perfect, and you'll still have a second piece for another day). Prices starts from £14.99 (depending on the type of cake), and you can personalise it with a message for no extra cost. The bonus part? You'll get a surprise together with the box AND you get to keep the beautiful cake tin! They also do larger cakes for parties, which I'd definitely consider for Abby's birthday in February!

They are doing a promotion as well where you can get a 20% off discount code by submitting a photo of your Baker Days cake through their Facebook page or Twitter account.

Disclosure: I was sent a cake to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own