Friday, 9 November 2012

LEGO Creationary

LEGO Creationary, LEGO game, LEGO inspiration

I've mentioned before that we are great fans of LEGO, and even Abby has inherited the skills and passion of building things with LEGO. The only thing we are lack of is inspiration, which is why I think that the LEGO Creationary is worth getting if you love LEGO but need some inspiration like we do.

LEGO Creationary, LEGO game, LEGO inspiration

We were glad that we were sent one to review, as Abby (yes she's too young for the game, but nothing stops this little fan from getting inspired and creating some "artistic" creations) has been asking to play it everyday since we've got it! They have provided a great selection of LEGO bricks, including a build-your-own LEGO dice. The cards are split into 3 difficulties, so the game suits anyone above 3 years, as long as they can follow the rules and know how to build. The official recommended age is 7 years+ though.

I like it that apart from the recommended game play, they also suggest you to change the rule of the game to make it into your game. It's all about creativity! Like Abby, instead of following the cards, she just make anything she can think of and ask us to guess what she's making. I must say, if you like a challenge and make the game more difficult, get a reception year child to play with you. Their creations really make you scratch your head, and you can forget about guessing according to the colour bricks they use! (She did build an easy to guess car to ease our minds a bit though!)

I also love it that, because it's LEGO, we can always use our own loose bricks to go with the game, giving you more flexibility with your creation. It's a bit like the Create Your Own Racing Car at the LEGO Discovery Centre, heaps of parts for you to get creative!

LEGO Creationary, LEGO game, LEGO inspiration

I think that LEGO Creationary should be one of the family games you play during Christmas time, a fantastic replacement to Pictionary! It's retailed at £24.99 and includes 341 pieces.

Disclosure: We were sent a game to review; all opinions are honest and my own