Friday, 9 November 2012

Little Abby Galaxy

space outfit, galaxy outfit, space costume

It's Space week this week at school, and today all children are suppose to dress in their space outfit. I really had no idea that having a child at school can be so challenging for me! It's almost like I'm the one who's back to school.

I didn't fancy buying an outfit, nor fiddle with foil and cardboard boxes (some I saw today were really impressive though!), so I decided to fiddle with fabric instead. I doubt it's any easier, because the fabric glue takes ages to set. So most of the time I was holding the dress up while waiting for the glue to dry.

I decided that I had done enough, so discarded some part of my original design. The not-so-crafty outcome is a patchy wonky dress of course, so it's good that it's only for a reception class child!

space outfit, galaxy outfit, space costume
Abby "Let's make a moon like this!"

space outfit, galaxy outfit, space costume

In case you have no clue why she look so Christmassy, she's actually a galaxy - Little Abby Galaxy, as she called herself. The pom poms are planets, and then there are 'stars' (yes yes I know what stars are). I also painted a vortex on her cheek to represent the sun.

While making this dress, I mixed up the original Saturn design with a galaxy design, so the hoola hoop wasn't actually needed. It does add something to the dress though isn't it??

Now I just have to find a way to cut that hoola hoop out without damaging the dress too much. Might be able to reuse it for Christmas!