Sunday, 4 November 2012

Natwest Pigs by Kids Competition

NatWest bank, NatWest competition, NatWest Pigs by Kids Competition

For over 20 years, NatWest have been giving away piggy banks to their young clients when they open a new account with them. 20 years later, they are letting the young ones decide how the new NatWest pig should look like through their new Pigs by Kids competition.

NatWest bank, NatWest competition, NatWest Pigs by Kids Competition

We were sent Pookie, the happy go lucky Cuties and Pals backpack with a tummy overflowing with inspiring crafty products by NatWest for Abby to try her hands on making her own piggy, which she can then choose to submit to the competition if she wish. She was really excited and couldn't wait to get her hands dirty!

NatWest bank, NatWest competition, NatWest Pigs by Kids Competition

After a while, she has decided that her pig will have a big head instead of a 'big fat belly' (according to Abby). She has done the initial body herself, but I had to help her smooth down the edges so that the body won't fall apart (Does that count as cheating?!). The pig is waiting to dry at the moment, and will be decorated with the other lovely bits and bobs once that's done (she mentioned something about a rhinestone for one eye and a button for the other. Hmmmm...).

As the competition ends this coming Sunday (11th November, 2012) at 12pm, I thought I should tell you all about it first before Abby can finish making her pig, so your child can have a go as well!

The winning design of the Pigs by Kids competition will become the new NatWest pig. Any children up to 13 years old can enter, and they can do so by designing a pig in any arty crafty way, let it be a drawing, clay modelling or paper-mache. Whichever they can think of! They can then submit it together with a name for the pig and a less than 100 words story about it to NatWest online or through Freepost.

For more information about the competition and the Terms & Conditions, visit their website by clicking the above blue link (first paragraph).

Good luck and have fun (well, fun to tidy up for you hehe)! 

Disclosure: I was sent a craft kit by NatWest and this is an advertising promotion for their Pigs by Kids competition; all opinions are honest and my own