Friday, 16 November 2012

Sub 0 G Luggage

matalan, sub zero luggage, world lightest luggage

Just over a month and the Christmas holiday will be here. We will be jumping straight on the plane to Hong Kong on the day Abby finished school, good luck us!

We have been trying to work out the number of suitcases and its sizes we need to bring with us as a family of 4 for the first time. At the moment we think that we need a large luggage, 2 hand luggages and a travel bag. We'll also bring an empty back pack just in case we are coming home with more stuff, which is always the case.

We have everything but the large suitcase, as ours are tattered and heavy. It just doesn't make any sense to bring a heavy luggage to take over part of the allocated weight you can carry. When we visited Matalan for the first time, one of the suitcases they sell caught our eyes - World's Lightest Sub 0 G Luggage. They actually claimed that they are the World's lightest! It's just asking to be touched isn't it. 

We were pretty impressed with it. It did feel really light (2.22kg), the large one is even lighter than a large cardboard box! It could just be the World's lightest luggage as they claimed!

As most of the normal people would though, we questioned its durability. Something this light and made with fabric had to break and tear easily. Right? It's ultra strong fibre-glass structure might be ultra strong, but what about the 250 x 300D polyester for the cover? 

We then countered, for argument sake, that even good leather can be torn too. And then there is the fact that they offered a 10 years warranty, which, according to some browsing on the Internet, covers tearing on the fabric during the flight as well. Wow! They had to be really proud of their product to offer a 10 years warranty (where is my receipt now?!?!).

We stood there for a good half an hour discussing about this fascinating product, but we couldn't decide whether to buy it or not. At the end, a PR from Matalan was kind enough to offer us the large Sub 0 G luggage to try out and see for ourselves how good it really is.

matalan, sub zero luggage, world lightest luggage

matalan, sub zero luggage, world lightest luggage

The large luggage is massive, but as I said before, really very light! Abby pulled the luggage all by herself to the till, and she even managed to lift it up without a problem. I have no doubt that I can put both our children in there and it will still zip up nicely without a struggle. Not that I would do such thing.

I really like it that it has a flat base instead of 2 bars sticking out in the middle. I always had trouble fitting clothes in between the gaps to make everything flat and maximise the space usage. None of that with this one! Looking at the handle, the clever designer has made the handle slot inside the main frame on the edges to keep the base flat. Nice one!

The compartment on the cover, which is normally one big pocket, is split into 6 smaller sections so you can keep things more organised than them slipping all over the place. There is also a big front pocket.

There are only 2 wheels on this model, but the luggage glided smoothly around. We will see on our trip whether this is still the case when it's been filled up!

Overall, we are loving this luggage. It's big and light. We just have to do a really good test run on our trip. I'll certainly keep you posted with how we get on with it!

Disclosure: We were given a luggage to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own