Monday, 10 December 2012

Bloggers' Secret Santa

Secret Santa, Christmas present

A lot of people who doesn't blog always wondered what the point is with blogging. To some, it's a complete waste of time. But it really isn't. Not only do we have a place of our own to say what we want to say and share what we want to share, we also get to know other bloggers, who in some way are just the same as meeting people online, or at work, or even on the playground. We have common topics as well as a variety of others, we learn something from each other, help each other, and sometimes disagree with each other, just like any of you would do within your circles.  It's a community that I am glad and proud to be part of.

This year, I've joined many other parent bloggers to play Secret Santa, thanks to Annwen from Real Suburban Mummy to organise it for us. We were each assigned someone to buy for, and £5 plus p&p was our budget. My Secret Santa has sent me the above, and I'm having a hard time resisting the temptation to open it!

Even though we communicate mostly online, this is still a fantastic community to belong to. Merry Christmas to my fellow bloggers!

Ang x