Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Heat Holders Thermal Hat and Gloves

heat holders, thermal hat, thermal gloves

I have known and used Heat Holders thermal socks since last year's Christmas and it is one of the products I always recommend. We have bought for 7 family members and we all have them as well (apart from Clay of course). All of us appreciated the warmth it brings. Although I'm such a big fan, I didn't realise until last week that they do underwear, leggings, hats and gloves as well! The lovely PR has sent me a hat and a pair of gloves to try this time.

heat holders, thermal hat, thermal gloves

heat holders, thermal hat, thermal gloves

Heat Holders Ladies Hat and Gloves (£10.00 each)

The hat and gloves have a Microlux lining, trapping the air inside to keep your head and hands warm. They aren't as warm as their socks but they still worked well with keeping me warm. The Microlux lining does make the hat and gloves thicker, hence there is a smaller space inside to fit your head and hands in. The hat will loosen a bit after a few stretching and will fit as good as any other knitted hats. The gloves are still a bit tight for me but that could be because I've asked for the wrong size.

I do love the Microlux lining as stroking it is like stroking a cute little animal and it's very nice against the skin. It is thicker than the normal knitted hats and gloves so it will keep you warmer as well. They look as good as other knitted hats and gloves, if not better, and the ladies have a choice of black and hot pink with a pink and white label, where the gents will be black with a red and black label.

Disclosure: I was sent a hat and gloves to review; all opinions are honest and my own