Friday, 11 January 2013

2012-13 Hong Kong-Taiwan Trip: Travelling by Air Fun

Although travelling for a long distance with children can be very tiring, especially when you have to wait around for the next journey, sometimes it can still be fun.

During our transit at Dubai airport, we didn't have our stroller with us, but impressively, they have a lot of strollers (MacLaren too!) around you can borrow. This was the first time we had 2 strollers with us and all of us were very pleased!

We were sitting right behind the business class on Emirates' plane, and we have been having fun peeking at them! Top service of course, and I was really impressed with the futuristic design of their chairs! Maybe one day economy class will be like that? 

At Taiwan's Airport near Eva Air's gates, Hello Kitty started to appear everywhere (Eva Air have their own Hello Kitty planes too)! A phone booth, a nursing room, the shop, and a play area too for the kids! They were even showing Hello Kitty cartoon (which has proven that Hello Kitty DOES have a mouth)! Abby had plenty of fun there while I was shopping.