Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cupid Dog DVD

Valentine's Day DVD, Valentine's Day Cupid Dog, Cupid Dog DVD

This year's Valentine's Day is on a week day. If you decided to celebrate it at home, why not watch this soon to be released on DVD romantic comedy Cupid Dog, and perhaps leave going out for the weekend?

Valentine's Day DVD, Valentine's Day Cupid Dog, Cupid Dog DVD

Gabe was excited when his dad Eric was offered a job in London, until he realised that he could either be quarantined for 6 months or seperated from Eric for a whole year, living with the 2 dog bullies. He had to find a solution quick and by the help of a horse and a TV show, he became Cupid Dog to set Eric up with 'any woman', hoping that he would fall in love and settle down instead of moving.

Although Gabe looked a bit weird to me sometimes, he's definitely the most awesome dog ever! He's funny and extremely clever, he understood the TV, knows how to read, can order stuff from the Internet, and is really good at being the Cupid! I'm sure that if he was human, he'd be an ideal date, although his motive is questionable!

This is a light, easy to watch comedy, making it suitable for a week day's evening to enjoy. And it has subtitles! Perfect for me! The DVD, Download to Own and Rent will be out on Monday the 4th February 2013, retailed at £9.99. It is available for pre-ordering now.

Disclosure: I was sent a review disc to review; all opinions are honest and my own