Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Do You Cook the Same Recipe All The Time?

Original image (before editing) from Jules Stonesoup bit.ly/Sv8lu4

If you have read my About Us page, you'd know that we love experimenting with our food, let it be trying a new recipe and new restaurant, or recreating a dish we've eaten and liked. I was amused but not surprised by the results from a "couples' cooking habit" research conducted by Census Wide for a ready meal brand Charlie Bigham's , which has shown that *50% of British admit that they are cooking the same recipes over and over again, with 46% cooking less than 10 different dishes a month. 25% admitted that they rarely try out new dishes too.

I believe that there are a lot of possible factors that can lead to the above result, but it's not the first time I've heard that a lot of British are not adventurous enough with their food. I recall several conversations with my ex-colleagues who weren't interested in delicious but odd looking (to them) food (I used to get "eurgh what ARE you eating?!" comments to accompany one of my most delicious lunch).

According to the research, 39% of those who admitted that they hardly experiment with their food and recipes claimed that it was because it's too time consuming to be experimenting new recipes in the evenings, especially after work. To be fair, I do think that me not working at the moment is the main reason why we can spend time experimenting on recipes, but once I started to work again, we might have to leave the fun cooking for the weekends and holidays. I do appreciate that more and more gourmet ready meal brands like Charlie Bigham's are on the market, to ensure that, even if we have to rely on ready made meals on one of the busy evenings, we can still be sure that ingredients are fresh and they are nutritious enough for the children.

*Based on a sample of 1,300 UK adult respondents
Disclosure: All figures of the research were provided to me by Charlie Bigham's.