Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Half Term Tree Fu Tom Twitter party

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Although Abby is quite a girly girl, she's quite a tom boy as well. I was amusing myself when I saw her doing the Tree Fu Tom moves while watching the show on CBeebies, and have been stifling a few giggles while encouraging her to follow his moves. After all, it's all about the confidence and willing to try!

Although Tree Fu Tom seems like a show for boys, it's actually for both sexes. The adventures are interesting, and it shows the audience the right from wrong. In each adventure Tom will require help from 'the big world', creating an interaction with the audience. I remember asking Abby to help Tom and she was really excited that she did! Did you know that the moves Tom asked the children to do are also a useful treatment for some forms of dyspraxia? Even if the child doesn't have that problem, it's still a great way to train their listening to instruction and coordination skills.

To proof that it's not a boys only thing, I've invited girls only for the Tree Fu Tom party I'm hosting! We'll be showing them some girl power! The party will be similar to the Jungle Junction party we hosted last year, and again, you are invited to attend the party on Twitter with the hashtag #treefutomtoys between 4 to 6pm on Tuesday 19th February, and get yourself a chance to win some fantastic Tree Fu Tom toys! So bookmark the date and I'll see you on Twitter!

Disclosure: I was invited to host a party that is subsidised; it's still hosted at our own house, partially planned by ourselves. All opinions are and will be honest and my own