Monday, 14 January 2013

2012-13 Hong Kong-Taiwan Trip: Shopping

One of our mission for our trip was to stock up on our shopping. The junk food we liked and missed, and the cute stuff I used to love (now for the kids) are all on the list! Lots of people said that the shopping was big, but they didn't understand the need for it as they live there and get to enjoy them everyday. I just hope that this shopping will fix our craving for around 2 years before our next trip!

During this trip we have worn my bargain GUESS bag out. It has been carrying all sorts and hung on the stroller all day every day, being scraped and banged against walls and obstacles. It has protected our belongings well but stitches started to frail and elastic cord started to show. So it was time for retirement and for NT1000 (approx £20.00) I bought a new purple bag. My new love! I also bought a white gold plated ring with crystals at a night market, and it was an absolute bargain! Can you guess how much it is? Got a figure in your head? The answer is... .... NT290 (approx £6.00)!!! Really regretted not buying a few more!

Shopping from Hong Kong

Shopping from Hong Kong Ocean Park

Shopping from Taiwan

Cuteness has been overflowing in Asia years ago (where Hello Kitty has only just landed in the UK for a few years), and they still managed to make them cuter! I'm obviously too old to be carrying and using them in public, so I'm glad that I have Abby  as an excuse  to buy them for! She has taken a liking to the cute baby Mickey hairbrush (official Disney, not fake stuff!), and I couldn't stop myself shopping at Hong Kong Ocean Park! (That 2-in-1 penguin cuddly/cushion is mine by the way, and mine only!) 

Abby's friends loved their souvenirs (Ocean Park swirl pens), and I found 2 cooling neck wraps that work by dipping in water, drain and then flick in the air. Will be trying that in the Summer!

I went nuts when I saw these really cute Christmas cards for NT10-18 (20-40p) each! 3 towels for NT250 (~£5.00), cheap! If I had more time I would have wiped the shop! We were also inspired by a family member and found a mic that can be connected to the Internet, so  we  Abby can now sing along to YouTube through a mic! That will fix  our  her Karaoke craving!

As a foodie, I also bought a bread dough cutter, vegetable strips scraper and melon baller that has a zig zag shape cutter on the other side, each for NT10, bargain! 

Something that I think I haven't bought enough are hairbands and clips for Abby and her cousins. They are not necessary cheaper than in the UK, but they are definitely cuter! Something new in fashion are those telephone cord hairbands on the right. They have a much stronger holding power, comes in pretty colours and because of the cord, pony tails are shaped in a different way.

Junk from Hong Kong

Left: Taiwan Airport                        Right: Dubai Airport

Loads of junk from Taiwan

Our favourite food in Asia are actually street food and food from restaurants. But since we couldn't bring those home, we stocked up on our second favourite instead: junk food. Our time in Hong Kong was very short so we only did a (comparably) small shopping. Our favourite are Meltykiss chocolate truffle from Japan. They are really smooth! We stocked up more on their green tea flavour, but our favourite was the Earl Grey. The tea fragrance stayed in our mouth for a long time, gorgeous!

Hello Kitty shop in Taiwan Airport was selling this box of chocolate that are stuffed with dried fruit pieces. Really good but quite expensive!

We had lots of fun grabbing stuff in Taiwan's supermarket! Their escalator was lined with bags of our favourite garlic peas and almond mix (bottom left), and we had to grab them fast while moving up! (A bit dangerous but fun!) These slightly smoked and salted almonds (orange bag) were fabulous and way cheaper than almonds bought from the UK!

If we had more time and less restriction with Eva Air (70kg total) we would have bought much more than this (it's been 3 years since our last visit). Food are definitely not gonna last us for 2 years, but now that we know what we want, we can always ask for family's help to stock up ;)

Next up: Our trip to Hot Spring and Karaoke in Taiwan!