Friday, 18 January 2013

The Possession Uncut Edition DVD/ Blu-Ray

I have always been into horror, not because I liked to be scared (I'm always the one hiding behind cushions!), but I'm fascinated by the supernatural stories. For a long time now, horror stories were more about blood and gore, or evil created by human, which has created a lot of disappointments at the end of the nights. Even Paranormal Activity that was truly about poltergeists was disappointing story wise (although very scary indeed!).

When we first heard about The Possession, we thought that the story was intriguing. A box that contains evil within, and it being based on a 'real dybbuk box' (according to the auctioner on Ebay) certainly made us anticipate it more. The movie didn't disappoint, and I was glad that it wasn't another fake supernatural horror (where human was the culprit).

The Jewish evil spirit instead of a Christian one was refreshing, and the way it possesses a person is very different (good different) too. Make-up and effects were great, so were the sound effects (the silence and the screaming, oh gosh!).

The Possession Uncut Edition will be out on Monday 21st January 2013, showing all the bits that they didn't show in the cinemas. I'm not quite sure how much better it is than the cut edition as I haven't seen it before, but it is certainly worth watching, especially if you are like me who likes a supernatural horror.

Disclosure: We were sent a review disc to review; all opinions are honest and my own