Friday, 15 February 2013

Abby's 5th Birthday

Our Valentine's baby has turned 5! How did this happen? She was only 2 a while ago, and still wobbly while walking! Now she's going to school and reading Year 1 books! I don't think I can ever face the fact that my babies are growing up!

Abby and her BFF

Initially we wanted to book entertainers for her birthday, but it was a bit out of our budget so we decided to go for another year of indoor soft play. It was supposed to be the easiest option, you pay them and the price includes fun, food and party bags. So I just needed the cake. I could have bought a cake. But the baker inside me just wouldn't have it. She wanted it like last year, cake for the candles and cupcakes for the kids to bring home. She obviously didn't realise that she has dropped her baking mojo somewhere until it was too late!

Ruined lollies and Macarons had certainly made her aware that something wasn't right. Then the lumpy sachertorte cake base that has turned into a stodgy bread and the ugly light brown chocolate cupcakes due to the lack amount of chocolate has brought the reality upon her. Yep, she's lost it. It was by a small amount of luck that the cupcakes was saved by some decorations, although baker me and I aren't really impressed with it. I was even tempted to discard the heart shape cake after the decoration hasn't gone according to plan either, and it was saved purely because of family's persuasion that the cake was fine.

Anyhow, the kids were happy with their cupcakes. After all, which child doesn't like sweeties and icing?

Why Oh Why?!

Stained glass cookies, candy cookies, cookie favours

Stained glass cookies, candy cookies, cookie favours

I also planned to make some stained glass cookies for Abby to bring in to school on her actual birthday - Valentine's Day (can't stop mentioning it, but it is special!) and share with her friends. Bizarrely, these almost foolproof cookies has not gone according to plan either. 2 batches of cookies has holes in them, and I had to make a 3rd batch in the middle of the night with just enough sweets left to make up the number of cookies needed. Even my family has told me to find a new hobby this (Snake) year until I can remember where I left my baking mojo!

All went well at the end and Abby did had a fantastic time, which was the most important thing. She even enjoyed herself at the school's Valentine's Day Disco, which is almost like an additional celebration for her!

I told Abby that next year she can organise her birthday herself, and she wasn't happy with that! I guess I have complained about all the fail in front of her one too many times! Sweat, blood and tears aside, it was well worth it when she said 'thank you mummy for all the hard work' and 'I love mummy the most' when asked by the entertainer at the Valentine's Day Disco. You are very welcome babe! Any time for my loved ones! x