Friday, 1 February 2013

Hallmark's new Bigsby book written by Children

hallmark cards, hallmark interactive toy, Bigsby book

Last year we've reviewed Hallmark's Storybook and Buddy - Bigsby, and went on to complete the series by buying book 2 and 3. It was really cute watching Bigsby interact when Abby read the books.

hallmark cards, hallmark interactive toy, Bigsby book

Inspired by a little girl named Amber Wess who's a big Story Buddy fan and has created her own story to go with it, Hallmark has launched a competition in March 2012, asking school children to write a 200-words story for Bigsby. The five and six years olds from year 1A class at Victoria Primary School in Leeds has won the competition and has their story - Bigsy Gets a Pet Mouse published as the 4th Bigsby interactive storybook. The storybook really worth getting as it is a storybook written by children for children. 

hallmark cards, hallmark interactive toy, Bigsby book

In this story, Bigsby met a little mouse in the woods and made it his new pet, and the two soon became best friends. The story is sweet and the illustration is adorable (we love the cute little mouse!).

Abby was impressed that the book was written by children who's about her age. She's been an advanced reader and perhaps soon she'll be able to write her own stories too!

The book is retailed at £3.00 and 50% of all the proceeds will go to Victoria Primary School in Leeds and will be invested into improving the school's future. You can buy the book from Hallmark's online or in store now.

Disclosure: We sent a book to review; all opinions are honest and my own