Friday, 22 February 2013

Kigs Children Animal Costumes

I have always loved baby sleepsuits, and have kept Abby in them until she was 3. I'm determined to keep Clay in them until then as well! They are growing up fast enough already, no point dressing them like adults at this age!

This winter, the kids and adults version - Onesies, has popped up everywhere and became a big hit between mums and daughters, creating another wave of demand for children animal costumes! After seeing Abby's cousin in one, we could resist no longer! And thanks to , Abby now has one to review as well!

 have 13 children animal costumes to choose from, each cost £34.95 and are suitable for 5-9 years old. Abby chose the chicken kids costume and we were thrilled when it has arrived! I thought she looked absolutely cute in it, although it was a bit big for her. It was meant to be baggy though, looking at the cute model as an example. The soft fleece material felt really nice and I was also glad that it wasn't too thick, as Abby absolutely can't stand being overheated. It is baggy enough for her to put on extra clothes within if she needs to, otherwise she can always wear it during Spring too. I'd say she'll have no problem wearing it for Easter AND Christmas!

This animal costume comes feetless as well, which makes it more convenient for her to wear shoes for outdoor wear (to school or a party). occasionally holds competitions on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you fancy one of their animal costumes, do make sure to follow them for a chance to win one!

Disclosure: We were sent a onesie to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own