Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aqua Dragons - Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toys

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy

Years ago, I had a small tank of Sea Monkeys. I wasn't certain what I had to do and because I thought that none of my eggs hatched, I eventually threw them away (Oops). At the 2013 Toy Fair, a new product called Aqua Dragons won the Best New Toys award, and I thought it's concept sounded familiar. According to Aqua Dragons' official website, they were the original distributor of Sea Monkeys, but after years of developing their own products, they've decided to stop the trade and created their own line - Aqua Dragons instead.

Abby has always wanted a new pet since Hammy has passed away (actually she asked me when Hammy can come home..), we just don't have the space and time anymore for a pet, but I think that Aqua Dragons might serve the same educational purpose, and it's easier as well, so we got into contact with their PR, and they were more than happy to let us review an Aqua Dragons Underwater World.

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy

The Aqua Dragons Underwater World comes with a colourful tank (much bigger than the Sea Monkey tank I had), a booklet, eggs and food, a pipet and a spoon. The version I was sent didn't come with a magnifying glass, but you can get another version that does come with it. They even have one with LED lights!

Anyway. The first thing we did was wait. Yes, we waited 2 days before starting our little project. It was because we didn't have any bottled water at home at all! If you decided to buy an Aqua Dragon kit, make sure you have bottled water at the ready so that when you or your child can get on with the fun!

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy
Brown eggs floating at the top

When you fill the tank up, do note the water level marked on the tank. Although I did notice the line, I was too excited and completely forgot about it! It appeared that the tank has a joined edge, and by the second day water has started to seep through the edge. I quickly pumped the extra water out to stop the leak. So, yes, remember not to fill above the water line!

As Abby is only 5 I thought it was better that I helped her pour the eggs into the tank. I accidentally spilled some while trying to take an action shot. According to the booklet, eggs would hatch immediately, but they were so small that we couldn't see them until a few days later.

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy

Within 1 and a half day, we spotted some white dots 'hopping' in the water. We let Abby feed them a leveled spoonful of food, which was mossy green like and made the tank of water go murky. It was advised not to overfeed the Aqua Dragons, so only feed once per 3-5 days, and if the water turn too murky, you should wait until it has cleared before feeding again. 

Aqua Dragons, Sea Monkeys, Toy Fair 2013 Best New Toy
Couldn't quite focus on them, the dragons are the
cream colour specs with a tail

Soon we have a tank full of Aqua Dragons! They were suppose to grow as big as 2cm long, and I was wondering how the tank can accommodate so many! However, the numbers have decreased after about a week, so I think that might be why they asked you to pour in the whole sachet of eggs in the tank.

When we first poured the bottled water in, the tank was full of bubbles, which to me meant that there was enough oxygen in the water. After a few days, especially after the first feed, those bubbles has disappeared. Abby was suppose to oxygenate the tank every day by pumping air with the pipet into the water, although I'm not sure how efficient this is as there still wasn't many bubbles on sight. The Aqua Dragons are still swimming happily so I suppose we just have to have faith!

When writing this post, the Aqua Dragons have already grown quite a bit and are easy to spot. For now Abby will continue feeding them and oxygenate their water. When there is a more obvious change I will certainly keep you posted, hopefully with pictures or even a video clip!

So far, Abby has learned that there isn't always a lot to do with pets, although she doesn't think that feeding and giving them air is a chore, which is good!

You can buy Aqua Dragons now on Amazon UK, although I believe that the official launch will be during Easter.

Check out this review written by 11 years old Ayisha and see what she thinks :)

Disclosure: We were sent a growing kit to try and review; all opinions are honest and our own