Friday, 22 March 2013

Farmyard Animals Chocolate from Find Me a Gift

Find Me A Gift, Easter chocolate, Easter animal chocolate

To help me with our Easter party, Find Me a Gift has kindly offered a box of farmyard animals chocolate for the Easter egg hunt. I kept looking at the box thinking that they were way too pretty and cute to be used for an egg hunt! 

Find Me A Gift, Easter chocolate, Easter animal chocolate

I kept it quietly on the dining table, hoping that no one would take notice, so that I could take the whole box home for myself! But of course, it was too irresistable to miss it, and we opened it eventually!

Find Me A Gift, Easter chocolate, Easter animal chocolate

Each farmyard animal - 2 cows, 2 sheeps, 2 pigs, 2 cockerels and 1 duck - were handmade with good quality Belgian chocolate (dark and white), and they were fascinating too! There was a thin layer of white chocolate coating the outside of each animal, giving them a softened look. Each of them are a good sized solid chocolate, so if you feel like sharing, you can cut each up into 3-4 portions, which my brother did. I just took a whole one for myself!

They were all so well tempered that every bite gives a satisfying 'crack'. And they were absolutely delicious too! I swore that the pink ones tasted different than the duck, a bit berry like. The white chocolate duck wasn't overly sweet like normal white chocolates do, and the dark has a 53+% cocoa content and a balanced sweetness.

I loved them all but my family were dark chocolate fans and so the cows and sheeps were first to go. I indulged myself with the rest of course, which means that I have much more to work on now... "Dear Santa, this Easter I have been naughty..."

You can buy these gorgeous Farmyard Animal Chocolates now from and they cost £11.99 (Net Weight 200g). They would look great if individually wrapped in cellophanes and ribbons, or you can make little ones extra happy to include them in their Easter egg hunt. Or be like me, treat yourself with these satisfying and silky smooth bites!

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Disclosure: We were sent a box of chocolate for our Easter party; all opinions are honest and our own