Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fluffings Luvimals

Easter gift ideas, Flufflings, Flufflings Luvimals

Easter is not quite Easter if there is no fluffy baby farm animals around! This year's Easter the cute Flufflings by Vivid Imaginations are joined by the even more cute Flufflings Luvimals - Chirpy Chick, Loopy Lamb and Flossy Bunny to make the children go Oooo and Awwwww!!

Easter gift ideas, Flufflings, Flufflings Luvimals

Easter gift ideas, Flufflings, Flufflings Luvimals

Vivid Imagination has kindly offered us Chirpy Chick to review and Loopy Lamb as a prize for our Easter party. When Abby set eyes on Chirpy Chick she instantly fell in love! I told her that she'll have to wait until after our Easter party before she could officially own it, but she wouldn't have it! The same night Chirpy Chick has arrived, she already took it to bed with her! She even brought Chirpy Chick to school for her Show and Tell, and the teachers have been trying to catch how many phrases Chirpy Chick will chirp out!

Yes, Flufflings Luvimals aren't just soft and round and cuddly, if you gently pat their head they will make cute noises too! They have several phrases that will appear often, and just when you thought that you've heard them all, they'll say something new!

I've added a video at the bottom of this post to show you what she can chirp. Is she cute or what! You can get one of these cuties for £9.99 each from any good toy stores now, just in time for Easter too! Follow Vivid Imagination on Twitter for updates, offers and giveaways too!

Disclosure: We were sent a couple of toys for review and prize; all opinions are honest and our own