Monday, 25 March 2013

Luxury Chocolate Egg Sandwiches from Hotel Chocolat

luxury chocolate Easter egg, Hotel Chocolat Easter egg, Easter egg

We've always been impressed with Hotel Chocolat's chocolates. They are so pretty and quite unique too! When these 2 gorgeous Egg Sandwiches landed on my door step, I almost jumped up with excitement! They are beautifully boxed and the egg sandwiches looked like art! They are made of 2 thick slabs of chocolates, sandwiched between 2 chocolate egg shells. Who would have thought of egg sandwiches this way?

luxury chocolate Easter egg, Hotel Chocolat Easter egg, Easter egg

Their Salted Caramel Egg Sandwich is a combination of chocolate slabs made of salted caramel chocolate and 50% milk chocolate studded with salted caramel pieces and chocolate chips, sandwiched between 2 decorated caramel chocolate shells. Salted Caramel is one of my hubby's favourite. It tingles your sensation with little bursts of saltiness that cuts through the sweetness of caramel chocolate, Mmmmm!!! The chocolate chips and salted caramel pieces gives extra texture to the smooth chocolate. 

luxury chocolate Easter egg, Hotel Chocolat Easter egg, Easter egg

This fun and colourful Raspberry Eton Mess Egg Sandwich would be kids' favourite. If you are willing to share that is! The raspberry and white chocolate combination is a popular one in the dessert world, as they compliment each other so well (my favourite ice-cream flavour)! The chocolate slabs are sprinkled with pieces of crispy meringue and freeze dried raspberries (yum yum yum!!), and sandwiched between 2 decorated white chocolate shells. The raspberry chocolate is delicious even on its own, or you can put a piece of both in your mouth and let the magic of taste do the rest!

We love both egg sandwiches, and seeing the way my kids eat their chocolate, I'm really reluctant to share. I've hidden them in a corner on my desk (I didn't say I was hiding them from myself!) and every so often take a small piece (ok maybe not that small) to enjoy. I must remember to share with hubby. My memory hasn't been very good lately.

You can now buy these luxury handmade Easter egg sandwiches from Hotel Chocolat's online shop or in stores, and they are priced at £8 each (100g). They also have a Serious Dark Wrap verion for the dark chocolate fans.

Disclosure: We were sent a couple of chocolate eggs to try and review; all opinions are honest and our own