Friday, 15 March 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima 4D Movie Xperience

LEGO Chima 4D Movie, Legoland 4D movie, LEGO Chima

The last time we went to Legoland Discovery Centre was 2 years ago to celebrate Abby's 3rd birthday. She was still young then and was scared of the 4D show we've seen. She has changed so much since then!

We were one of the lucky ones to be invited to watch the premiere of their new 4D movie Legends of Chima on Wednesday night. When we got there it seemed a bit quiet, which was expected on a school night. But then a whole crowd came out from the theatre! The Discovery Centre has changed quite a bit within the 2 years. There was a new police car ride and a Merlin's flying ride for example. We spent about half an hour building racing cars.

LEGO Chima 4D Movie, Legoland 4D movie, LEGO Chima

While hubby took Clay for a walk, I heard them announcing the last 4D movie show. I thought, oh, that must be the premiere of LEGO Chima. But I was completely wrong! They were showing 2 of their usual movies. I was really confused (bad time judgement) but both me and Abby thoroughly enjoyed the shows. Mind you, I jumped at least twice haha.

Apparently they were showing the premier of LEGO Chima after their last screening. The lovely PR and another blogger has joined us as well as a couple of family who was still hanging around. 

The story was sort of an introduction to The Legends of Chima, where 4 young animals went for a tour with Plovar the Parrot to check out the Chima battle arena (different tribes of animal warriors compete in epic battles for Chi, a mystical energy source of limitless power and destruction). They were caught in the middle of a battle and helped their hero fight against the evil.

The 4D show, just like the other ones, is funny, intense and surprising (especially when things started poking into your eyes!), and the 4th dimension (wind blowing, water spraying, foam snowing, smoke puffing and light effects) made everyone giggle (some screamed haha)! I was just glad that they didn't add the smell effect in this show! Why? Ah, you'll have to go and see for yourself!

What surprised me the most, although after playing LEGO Batman 2 it seemed logical, was that the latest shows have a proper dialog instead of the usual mumbling. The dialogs certainly expanded the choices of stories they can create.

LEGO Legends of Chima 4D movie is certainly worth a watch (I love the birds tribe!!). If you are going to any Legoland this Easter, remember to check out LEGO Chima 4D movie. The other ones are really good too!

Disclosure: We were invited to preview a movie; all opinions are honest and our own