Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Optifit Bra - New Measuring System Designed by Specialists

Optifit bra, made to measure bras, how to fit a bra

A bra that causes shoulder or back pain, or is not supportive enough, too small or too big. These are problems I always face with different bras, and I know I'm not alone on this. According to the Internet, this could be because the system was designed in the 1930s, and each company and design could affect the sizing as well.

Optifit Bra, co-founded by a NHS bra fitter and cosmetic surgeon, was developed because of this. Instead of just another bra company, they have created their own bra measuring system to create bras that will give you the perfect fit without all the above problem. 

Optifit bra, made to measure bras, how to fit a bra

Optifit bra, made to measure bras, how to fit a bra

To help women measure themselves correctly, Optifit Bra held a couple of focus groups in Manchester last month and provided face to face support to those who attended the groups. It was very unfortunate that I could not make it, but they have kindly sent me an Opti-Measure, which is a specially designed measuring tape for Optifit bras, so that I can try out their new bra measuring system and their bra too.

As our breasts are all different, it is only understandable that it would take a few more steps before the bra is fitted perfectly, especially by ourselves (I doubt that I got my measurements right with the usual method!) You can check out how the Opti-Measure works on their website, which contains picture and written instructions as well as video clips to guide you through it. 

What's so special about the Optifit fitting is that the back strap of the bra sits under the rib cage instead of on it. I always had a problem with the back strap sitting right on my shoulder blades. This certainly fixed my problem! And because it sits under them, it stops the back strap from sliding upwards, hence supporting the front. 

After fitting, you should have 3 measurements. One in colour or alphabet, one in numbers and another in Small, Medium or Large. The 3 makes up to what your bra size is and will be sewed onto the back of the bra strap for reference.

I did measure myself for a few times, purely because I didn't trust myself! Luckily Sue from Optifit was really helpful. When she received my measurements she double checked them with me to make sure that they were correct, giving me a reassurance that the final result has been checked through and the chances of getting it horribly wrong has been minimised.

Optifit bra, made to measure bras, how to fit a bra

Optifit bra, made to measure bras, how to fit a bra

When I was browsing their bra store, I was looking for a nursing bra, but couldn't find them. Apparently they can alter their usual designs into maternity or nursing bras. This is possible with Optifit bras because none of their bras use harsh wiring and underlying materials to apply pressure onto your breasts, so they are already as caring as maternity/ nursing bras. Just make sure you remember to let them know what type you need. I've chosen their Dramatic Black design, which was the first sexy nursing bra I've seen! When I tried it out both hubby and Abby said that it was really nice!

The bra fitted perfectly, although I had to brain wash myself for a couple of days, telling myself that it is right to not feel any pressure pushing into my breasts or shoulders. I believed that by feeling the pressure in my breasts, the bra was supportive. So when that pressure was gone, I wondered a few times whether my breasts were actually being supported. They were pointing at the right direction, that's for sure!

As the material was mostly Nylon, which I wasn't used to (most of my bras were cotton), it took me a couple of days to get used to it. And when I did get used to it, I felt good and confident, because the bra really is very pretty and sexy! 

To buy an Optifit Bra, the Opti-Measure tape is a must to make sure that the bra is the right size. The Opti-Measure cost £4, but will be deducted from your first Optifit Bra purchase. The bras cost either £49.99 (active range) or £69.99 (premier retro collection), which is about right as the bras are as good as made to measure.

I'm really glad that I've tried out their Optifit Bra, although I might have trouble going back to the standard bras!

Disclosure: I was sent a measuring tape and bra to try out and review; all opinions are honest and my own