Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Peppa Pig's Theme Park Train Ride and Figures

Peppa Pig's Theme Park, Peppa Pig's playsets, Peppa Pig's World

Last year's Easter we went to Peppa Pig's World (you can see our experience here and here) and had a fantastic time even though it was raining! Abby still remembers and has been asking us when she can go again. We live quite far from Paulton's Park and there are other places we would like to visit, so the answer was an unfortunate 'not any time soon'. However, we can now bring a part of Peppa Pig's World home, as they've just launched the new Peppa Pig's Theme Park range that we can relate to it!

Peppa Pig's Theme Park, Peppa Pig's playsets, Peppa Pig's World

We were sent a Peppa Pig's Theme Park Train Ride and Theme Park Figures to review, and I was having lots of fun with it while Abby was still at school (nope, not guilty at all!). Same as other Peppa Pig's playsets, the seats fits all Peppa Pig's figures, which have posable arms and legs (the Theme Park figures have special logos printed on their top). I was impressed with the cupcake that spins and the Dinosaur ride that rocks! In fact, I was loving it so much I couldn't resist and bought the other rides that connects to the train as well, which is a rocking duck, a rocking horse and a spinning teacup, each comes with it's own Theme Park Peppa figure that has a different logo on her top. We are going to connect them all into a long train ride! I'll update this post when they've arrived!

Peppa Pig's Theme Park, Peppa Pig's playsets, Peppa Pig's World

The playset and figures are suitable for 3 years plus but both Abby and Clay love playing with them. Abby even noticed that they are the rides she took in Peppa Pig's World! The Theme Park Train Ride is retailed at £14.99 and the Theme Park Figures (each pack comes with a different Theme Park Peppa and a friend or George) at £4.99. You can buy them from most good toy stores now.

Disclosure: We were sent a train ride toy and figures to review; all opinions are honest and our own

Update: These has just arrived today! It is a verrryy long ride! Each of the Peppa Pig's top has a logo related to the ride they came with. The only disappointment was that the teacup didn't turn like the cupcake did, which according to the packaging should. Perhaps ours is broken? Anyway they are colourful and fun to play with!