Friday, 1 March 2013

Cloudbabies Musical TV

Cloudbabies, Cloudbabies toys, Cloudbabies Musical TV

Both my children love watching TV, probably a tad too much! But whatever they watch are educational and sensible, so we aren't too fussed at this stage. CBeebies is quite good with showing such programs, and sometimes what they come up with is surprisingly good! Take Cloudbabies for example, aren't they adorable?! I used to love Care Bears, so Cloudbabies really appeal to me (*ehem*) but at least in Cloudbabies there are no baddies and scary moments, just harmony, sharing and caring.

Cloudbabies, Cloudbabies toys, Cloudbabies Musical TV

Abby liked it since she was 4 when it was first showing on CBeebies, and she still loves it now because they are just so cute! She said that she wants to save up for a Cloudbabies Baba doll, hehe. But before she reaches her goal, the fab Vivid Imagination has offered us a Cloudbabies Musical TV to review, and Clay has happily taken over the toy, because he loves them too!

The CloudBabies Musical TV, just like the show, is bright and colourful, very attractive! It's easy to hold for little hands, and fairly light weight as well. It's controlled by a simple button in the front, making it easy for the little ones to play with it on their own. The scrolling speed is just right, and the pictures are really cute just like on TV.

There is 2 volume settings, and you can of course choose to switch it off. The speaker is at the back of the toy so when it's lied flat on a table or floor, the sound is quieter than when it's being held upright, but that's not really a problem since it's mostly quiet at ours anyway!

The musical TV came with batteries (hurray!!), perfect for the little ones to dive into it immediately! Clay really loves it and has been pressing the button over and over again to play the tune! The Musical TV (12months+) is retailed at £9.99 and can be bought from all good toy stores.

Cloudbabies, Cloudbabies toys, Cloudbabies Figure and Horsey Assortment

Cloudbabies, Cloudbabies toys, Cloudbabies Pull Along Skydonk

But wait a second! The lovely PR has also offered my lovely readers a chance to win the latest Cloudbabies products, including the Musical TV, Figure and Horsey Assortment and the Pull Along Skydonk! So keep your eyes peeled for the competition that I will post up very soon! Feel free to subscribe to my blog so you won't miss it!

Disclosure: We were sent a toy to review; all opinions are honest and our own