Friday, 15 March 2013

Replace Google Reader with Feedly

Google Reader, Feedly, Transfer RSS subscriptions from Google Reader

I don't normally post 3 posts in a day because I know it can get too much! But with Google Reader getting axed in July, I thought I should let you know a simple way to transfer your subscriptions to another platform - Feedly

They have been working on a project where you can transfer your old subscriptions from Google Reader to Feedly within a few clicks. The above is mine done within seconds! It's more stylish as well, and you can even get the apps for your tablet or phones, search through categories, etc etc... To subscribe to a new site, simply click on "add website" on the left of your feedly, copy and paste the site's url address into the search box, and then click on the + button next to the site.

I agree that it's not as straight forward as to subscribe through the website itself (one reason why Google Reader was so popular I guess), but it's definitely better for the eyes! You can consider downloading the Flipboard app as well, although I don't think it works on PC.

The only thing I saw people requesting from Feedly is the secure server https, which applies more for people in China. If you aren't bothered about that, this is one of the easiest way for you to transfer your subscriptions. Just make sure you do this before Google shut Google Reader down in July so you won't lose your old subscriptions.

Happy reading!

Ang x