Thursday, 18 April 2013

Poppy Cat - Woodland Trust Mystery Trail Adventure Activity

Poppy Cat, Woodland Trust, woodland activities for young children

I love surprise parcels, especially those that are really nicely packaged! We've received Poppy Cat's Mystery Trail Activity pack during the Easter holidays and I was really enjoying the process of digging through the shredded paper and find out what's been hiding inside, while the kids looked at me with their little mouths wide open.

There was a Poppy Cat back pack, A talking Poppy Cat plush, her friend Alma the rabbit plush which Abby and Clay were fighting for, a Poppy Cat's The Mystery Trail book, a Poppy Cat and Woodland Trust's Mystery Trail Activity pack and a pack of Nick Jr.'s crayons. 

Poppy Cat, Woodland Trust, woodland activities for young children

Starting from today for a month, Poppy Cat will be holding an outdoor campaign for pre-schoolers with an 'adventure' platform for Woodland Trust's VisitWoods website. There are downloadable activity materials focusing on 'Mystery Trail Adventures' for children aged 2-6 years to do during family outings to the woods.

The activity sheets are very colourful and fun to do, some they can do during the travel, others they can find the answers by visiting the woods.

The book, Alma and Poppy Cat plush sent to me would also be part of a prize your child can win by drawing a picture of their favourite Poppy Cat character, and send it to Right Start Magazine.   The prize also includes a box of Poppy Cat's Jigsaw puzzles and what looked like a box of Poppy Cat's stamps. You can check out their latest issue for more information.

Poppy Cat, Woodland Trust, woodland activities for young children

Abby really enjoyed reading the book Poppy Cat's The Mystery Trail, and even though it was too easy for her, she still asked whether she read other Poppy Cat's books. It tells the story of poppy Cat and her friends having their own adventure that leads them into a forest. The book is retailed at £5.99 and is available now to buy.

Since yesterday Nick.Jr also started showing a series of nature-themed Poppy Cat's episodes at 7:15pm every day, which will last for 2 weeks.

It's a lovely way to get young children interested in knowing a bit more about nature, and if they happen to be Poppy Cat's fans, the activities are perfect for them to do.

Disclosure: We were sent the pack for review; all opinions are honest and our own