Monday, 27 May 2013

Britmums Live 2013 Outfit

3 weeks later I'll be in London joining my fellow bloggers at Britmums Live 2013 in London! Excited!! I have the ticket, train and accommodation sorted thanks to Ask Her Friends for being so kind to sponsor me, handbag that is sponsored by Hotter Shoes, and my new business cards from personally designed by my sister in law from Jennie Makeup, but it took me forever to choose the right outfit!

The event includes a lot of casual moments, but one must dress up for the evening's Brilliance in Blogging Awards ceremony too (no no, am not one of the nominees hehe)! Finally, with plenty of fashion blogs hopping, and my biggest sponsor, my dearest hubby sponsoring me, I got my 2 days outfit sorted!

Britmums Live outfit, smart casual ss 2013, ss 2013

From top to bottom, left to right:

Evans Black Cotton Bolero
Hotter Satin Nickel Capri Bag
John Rocha Taupe Bow Frill Top
John Rocha Light Green Feather Printed Ruffled Top
George Moda Sand Linen Trousers
Oasis Semi Precious Cluster Necklace
Oasis Harmonise Stretch Bracelet 

And of course a spare long cardy and jeans in case of chill and spill! Thing is, I haven't really thought about shoes yet. I can imagine smart high heels in similar neutral colour, but for 2 days I rather not kill my feet in them! What do you think of my fitflops?

FitFlop, smart casual ss 2013, ss 2013

I believe they will match, although they weren't really comfortable, I think they aren't very true to the size and are about half a size too small. Anyway, I still have a month to find a comfy pair of shoes to go with the outfit, otherwise I will fall back to these.

And then there is my hair style (keep it straight or curl them?) and make up.. it's been a long time since I'm dolling myself up like this! I am soooo gonna enjoy the event! I will however be thinking of my hubby and the 2 cheeky monkeys all the time, and hope that they will behave in the 2 days to give hubby a break!